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  1. I am 5 months post op and get bothered my the sensitivity on the point of having to wear a crop top to bed to make it comfortable. I do believe soon things will settle down and overall I am beyond thrilled and wished I had got it done years ago.
  2. Hi, I had a consultation with him and felt he was rather 'blasé' and very overpriced for a cosmetic surgeon.
  3. Darling, I have to agree they are completely jealous. Given half the chance they'd have it done too!! It's one way to know who your true friends are. Friends are supportive not toxic and it's this kind of negativity you don't need. xx I haven't posted in ages, but I am super happy with my new set of gals. I have to say it gives me so much confidence (not sure why?). ?
  4. So happy for you. They look amazing!
  5. Yes, I explained what I wanted- he gave his professional opinion and I even went back (because I panicked about the size) and had another sizing session. Each I also had a previous consult with a cosmetic surgeon and I just had a gut feeling about them. I left feeling uneasy. I wasn't showed pictures by either as it's individual based. But just remember you are spending a lot of money so you need to be confident in your surgeon. You can take as long as you need. They give you the price and if you are happy with it pay a deposit and book for when you need. I think I had 2 weeks from time of consult to surgery.
  6. With the tummy bloating, does anyone find it hard to flex your abs? I try and get a pain in my left rib. Also I've got a line of blisters from where I had the tape/pocket created. This by far is the most annoying pain I have had.
  7. I'm 6 days post op with Mark. Hands down he was amazing.
  8. How exciting!!! I was 2nd on his list and the admission time was 7:30. Went into theatre at 10:15 and was out into holding at 12ish. I took the anesthetic pretty hard so I didn't leave till 4:45.
  9. Honestly, he's the best. No pain. And you get plenty of good pain relief to bring home. I haven't had the need for ice packs- yet. Also if you are worried the ones chosen aren't big enough go back for another fitting. I originally had 350cc but was worried also and could go up to 400. It doesn't seem much but I felt it added that little bit more You are in safe hands.
  10. I am 3 days post op and I have 400cc high profile. I am 168cm and 66 kgs. I think (for me) they are prefect. I have some pictures in my profile if you wanted to look.
  11. High profile. I was so worried they weren't going to be big enough- but I am beyond happy. I can't believe that I have breasts!
  12. I ended up going with 400cc. They fee and look huge compared to having barely a b. I also had a lift and alignment- beginning to sound like a car! Ouch!!! Hope you aren't too uncomfortable. Third surgery! Fingers crossed that's it for you. x
  13. Had my surgery yesterday!!! I didn't take the anesthetic too well and my mouth is so so dry. No pain only feels like I've done too many push-ups. But I have BOOBIES!!! I am beyond ecstatic about what I see so far.
  14. Hello!!!! I am having surgery tomorrow with Mark Lee, so far he's been amazing. My advice is to get more then one opinion and choose what's right for you. Good luck in your search.
  15. Omg! Me too. Last Thursday I had a panic day and went from 350cc to 400!! The maximum recommended by my surgeon. So glad I did because I was worried about how they'd look. Thinking of you all. xx
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