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  1. Hey @Skye5 I had to wear the strap day an Night for the first week then just at night for the second week thank god because it's super uncomfortable ?
  2. Thank you for your kind words ? Things are going great so far so good ?
  3. Thank you @2017 Goal getting there slowly ?
  4. Thank you for replying ladies ? I have already had my surgery I'm 3 weeks post op, my surgeon said it was fine to have BA 3 months post baby recovery is going great I'm almost feel back to my old self just a little tender! Was hoping there were other ladies out there with a similar situation to me!
  5. Just wondering if there are any other mummies post op out there that have newborns to look after ? I've got a 3 month old but have been told I can't lift her out of bed for 3 months ? But unfortunately I cannot hold out this long as my fiancé works fifo and I don't have family close to us! I've been lucky enough to have my mums help but only for 3 weeks I'm starting to get worried about the possibilitys of me wrecking my new additions!!
  6. @Renni your profile pic was the pic I took into my surgeon ??? amazing but unfortunately I didn't quite end up with the exact result! It's crazy how different body types will have different results! I'm still in love with my results but boob greed has definitely settled in lol im two weeks post op today I'll post pics later today! I've been in a strap for the past week so hopefully it has done its job x
  7. Hey ladies so I went for my 1 week post op appointment yesterday an apparently there sitting a little high an now I have to wear a strap to help them drop ? It's super uncomfortable but if it's going to work!! Have any of you gone through the same thing ? X
  8. @Bond007 thank you ? Yeah I do bruise quite easy, my fiancé thinks it looks like I've been beaten up lol i can't wait to see the nurses an see what they say!! how many days post op are you ? When can you comfortably sleep on your side? I'm normally a tummy sleeper an this is killing me ? Does anyone else get the dreaded morning boob omg it's super painful lucky it doesn't last long! X It's such a weird sound lol im so inpatient I can't wait for drop n fluff I'd love them to be slightly bigger here's to hoping lol
  9. @jc14 my progress but soooo much bruising! I'm also hearing a sloshing sound in one of my boobs ? It's freaking me out!! I go for my 1week post op appointment Friday hopefully it's all norm
  10. Same to you lovely ? things went very well I'm sooo happy I finally have boobies lol but last night was horrible I've been living on endone I'm finding the pain quite high I have had to c section but they were a walk in the park ha ha how was your first night ? I also keep feeling like I'm going to pass out
  11. Happy Boobie day ? @jc14 @Vaticinal
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