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  1. This is the size im looking at & I keep hearing girls say they wish they had gone bigger. Im 5'7 so Im thinking maybe thats a good idea
  2. Old thread but these are natural, this Is Helga model she's freaking gifted. I've done so much research on boobs I recognize these cause she's my main boobspiration
  3. Thank you ladies! I'll bring it up to them but as it's not visible I doubt it'll be a problem @Abevemi idk how you did/fit ten ? one was enough for me
  4. Hey ladies! So about a year ago I got a VCH piercing done & I have not mentioned it to my surgeon yet but looking at surgery for April. The problem is I can't get the piercing out no matter how much I try, how important is it that I get it out or have it brought up?
  5. How tall are you? I'm looking in the area of the same CCs
  6. Are you at least able to look at mod plus? I'm gonna check out some more surgeons to check options cause I'm still just as confused @Kenzo @Ibtc16 how tall are you? & the size area I'm looking for is available in both one is just way more CCs to accomplish the look. I'm 5'7 & around 120lbs but my chest area is wide
  7. Exactly the same mind set as you with this, is there one that looks more natural with a higher Cc? I'll be in the 500s I think I'm leaning towards the mods.
  8. I'm super stuck between the high or mod plus but I see so much more high than the mod pluses! If you got them & I can send a friend request to view em please let me know! Not even the CCs chosen hasn't been this stressful
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