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  1. Hi Hun i have been to my normal GP and he didnt know what to say , i will be going back to this clinic to see one more time what there going to do, they have also told me i am the ONLY ONE this has happened to which i know is a LIE, i have googled this Vampire facelift and there was a lady called Kerry Katona who had the exact thing happen but looking at her pics she didnt even look as bad as i did, she ended up suing the clinic..i looked so bad and still do after 4 months, and the fact i lost my business due to depression and loss of self esteam i dont know if i should see a lawyer but im no
  2. Hi Hun thanks for your reply , it was a clinic that does everything face and body , it's 4 months and my left eye is always tearing and the lump still not settled .. I don't know what to do? I have seen there Doctor in the clinic all she gave me was antibiotics twice , I'm so down I honestly think there has been some damage under my eye as you say the little nerves must have gotten damaged , I'm going back next week to see what they say but there has to be something that can be done ?? I'm crying again as I write this . Thanks so much for your kind words Hun , will let you know what they
  3. Hi everyone hope all is well, i need to ask if anyone has had the vampire face lift using your own blood? I had it done 4 months ago thinking how could anything go wrong i had always had good skin and wanted to do this before a big opening to my fashion shop, well i am still suffereing..my left side of the face especially under my eye is puffy and no matter what i have tried it wont go away On the day i had it done, they took blood and as painful as it was i remember the lady doing it going over and over my left side more, they told me it would take 2 days to go down..YER RIGHT..i was in the
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