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    Breast Augmentation
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    consults with Dr Harwood and Dr Topchian I think I will have consult with Dr M
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    168cm 56kg 10B
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  1. I put it in my oats, it does have a flavour but I'm used to it now
  2. Hey Nikstar , how did you go having your BA after competing with reverse dieting? And being low body fat!
  3. Good luck Don, I hope it doesn't hurt or you end up with cramping I'm still loving mine, periods are getting lighter, no weight gain : )
  4. Sending huge hugs to you babe, lucky you have such amazing friends who will help you Take care xx
  5. Eek poor girl but as they say It could of happened for any procedure
  6. Just tragic and as Donatella said he should of even been on the streets, my heart breaks for the victims families
  7. Congratulations on your BA Loved reading your story, I bet they all checked the smoke alarm haha!! I hope your feeling ok Take care
  8. They are looking great already, keep the positive thoughts going they will look amazing
  9. I was wondering the same I'm a fitness instructor and not sure how long I should take off?.
  10. Have you asked him why he didn't do it? Apart from that how are they looking?
  11. Omg my heart breaks for you, I would contact the police about the threatening messages you don't need that while your fighting for your life, take care x
  12. Wow that's awesome, who's your surgeon? How many days are you post op now? Enjoy your new nose and boobs x
  13. Do you have to go back to Sydney for your 6-8 week check? Maybe start taking some panadol to help with the discomfort ?
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