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  1. Ha, ha. Merry Christmas to u also! .. No more wondering if they know or not! Relief! :-)
  2. Btw @Kazza... i swell like nobody's business, a few days before my period. Yay me! Ha ha
  3. Sorry hon but i don't think anything but time will make a difference. I swell daily, with or without exercise. With certain exercises i swell more, like riding my bike. I find also that if i haven't walked enough, i swell more. I've found lymphatic drainage massage to be helpful.. i do this most days. I'm hoping someone else reads your post & has some miraculous way to reduce swelling... I'll be checking in to see! :-)
  4. Yeah, u r looking good Mrs!
  5. @OldMeSurgery My stomach was pulled so tight that i didn't co template walking too far... 15metres from my bed to kitchen was my max for best part of 3 weeks . Didn't walk for exercise until after week 5/6.. & even then it was slow & not my 'normal ' distance. We r all different & heal at diff paces. Just be careful... it's not what u can see that u have to watch, it's what u can't ! Be kind to yourself & keep safe!
  6. @Ranalicious do u have a pic of tummy scar?.. ive got little bumps from my piercing also.
  7. Wow, u look so so great! Thanks for thinking of me. All is how it will be, for the moment. Only time will tell true outcome but at this point, push up bras are my friend :-)
  8. Sounding so much more positive than a few weeks ago.. good to hear! Might need to fo some rockwear & LJ shopping soon myself! Im good.. back to my 6km hill walks & just started back bike riding. My times r a far cry from what i was doing before op but im sure u wld agree, just getting back to exercise is so good! Swelling is a daily thing but i know that will subside with time. :-)
  9. @Vaticinal such great news! Yay you! Is anyone having trouble finding clothes?? I just want some fitted v neck style tops & dresses & am not having much luck! I dont need Jamberry thankyou but just wondering how u r getting along? Any improvement or changes in recovery?
  10. Hey Sylve, I'm 8 weeks po, ba,muscle repair, tt & lipo. I'm glad i had both at once & wld choose to do the same again. I see pain as pain, so better at once than 2 sep ops. To be honest, discomfort was more an issue than pain & boobs were really not even an issue with discomfort of tummy. Each to their own tho... Whatever suits u best is the best decision! :-)
  11. @Vaticinal Oh honey, u have had a bit to deal with. Try to tuck them away for the weekend... Don't look at them in the mirror, or pics, nor look up anything to do with boobs, just until Monday. Have a couple of wines tonight & keep yourself occupied over the weekend. No point stressing over things u can't control. Come Monday, u will know what u r dealing with & direction will find u.
  12. It's very difficult not being able to do as much exercise as u normally wld. It balances the brain as well as the body. Im slowly getting back to doing more but i tell myself that it took 7 weeks to put the weight on, so im giving myself 7 weeks to get it off ( altho am still wishing for a 1 week miracle! Lol) I'm sure u will settle back to normal weight when ur routine goes back to normal... As with us all :-)
  13. Wholly crap! Do u swell much?
  14. U know what's funny? I say it makes me feel "secure" & yet it's loose on me! Lol. Maybe I'll start wearing a soft crop too! Ha ha
  15. Is everyone still wearing post op bras to bed?.. i am but not sure if i have to.. just feel more secure with it on, i guess!?
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