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  1. You look amazing!! You should post your story
  2. Hi, I've asked whether I can see Dr Boonchai at Phyathai 2, but I've been told politely there's no way and that any language issues can be dealt with by his patient liaison. It has put me off, and I'm also concerned that his instagram seems to be deleted? I'm spooked, honestly.
  3. I recently had surgery in Thailand with a highly experienced surgeon in a good hospital. I went directly to the surgeon to arrange the surgery, I did not go through a cosmetic tour company. My experience was mixed. On the plus side, the surgeon, hospital staff, and the process was on a the whole good and extremely cheap when compared to Australia. However, I developed bruising that was honestly shocking to me; I had never seen anything like that level of bruising in any "after" photo on this or other sites. I also developed a fever which could have been from food poisoning, but which terrified me as together with the bruising (the hospital nurse blithely referred to it as 'a hematoma' which would take a few months to clear up! - thank god it was just a bruise which is fading) I thought I was going to die at one point. I was sweating, then shaking, and crying alone in my hotel room, retching in the toilet, absolutely terrified. What was scary was that I had no immediate access to the surgeon or a paging service even while I was in Bangkok. I emailed the nurse administrator who sometimes took a few hours to respond. When I told her about the fever she suggested paracetemol and to rest, let her know if I felt worse. Overall I got the impression that if something went very wrong I was pretty much by myself. It was a very challenging experience for me. I had read so many fantastic stories on here and honestly thought the possibility of anything going wrong pretty bloody remote. I honestly think complications can and do happen regardless of the experience and skill of the surgeon and how great the hospital is. I would not say "no" to Thailand however if I could do it over again I would have ensured I had a "what if things go wrong" plan, a clear understading of the level of care I would receive if anything bad arose, how quickly would the nurse/surgeon respond to me, AND I would have had at least one companion like my mum or a girlfriend. Anyway, those are my thoughts, for what it's worth
  4. Thanks guys I guess the reality is that there are always risks with any surgery, and different risks depending on the prosthesis or placement selected; you can't rule it out altogether. Kaleidescope, I've got to say I have been very (pleasantly!) surprised by how natural rounds can look. I will definitely get a second opinion! xx
  5. Based on your imgur album, you have a perfectly proportioned face and it is a very appealing one. .So much so, that if you added/subtracted anything (via surgery, filler) you would be wasting your money and possibly making yourself unhappy. (By the way, young men feel as much pressure as women these days to look a certain way, whatever people have told you!) Having said that, speaking as someone who has struggled with body dysmorphia and perfection-seeking in the past, I am troubled by your post, especially since you think that people would naturally look at your photos and find you ugly. There is no reason for you to think so. Your features are regular and fit what is usually considered the "ideal". Is it possible you are overly concerned with your looks? I can't imagine any boy or girl finding you ugly. Anyway I'm just some random on the internet so whatever. Good luck to you.
  6. Hey lovelies I have to apologise in advance, I know this may be the upteenth post on this topic, or at least on the round vs anatomicals thing! I'm a first time BA lady and I have done so much research I actually feel like my brain is boggling. I would love to hear your personal perspective or thoughts. So, I've booked in with Dr Boonchai for 5 June. When he saw my photos he said that I had glandular rather than true breast ptosis (which ... I mean, they are still saggy whatever you call them). They are a B-cup. I'm not a tiny girl, 5'4" and 63-64kg with quite a wide chest. He said 350-400cc dual plane anatomical or round. So here's the thing: anatomicals sound fantastic except for the rotation issue. I have to say, this scares me. I understand that it depends on the pocket the surgeon creates, and it must be very precise. Dr Boonchai seems very highly regarded and very experienced but ... I guess sometimes things can go wrong? Ugh. I'm sorry for fretting but this really concerns me. What do you think?
  7. Hey ArjRj, I would recommend Dr. Neville @ Kiora in Hawthorn, or one of the doctors at the Victorian Cosmetic Institute in either Templestowe or Berwick. For the latter, have a look on their website and choose a physician whose background and approach seems to match what you're after. My doc is Sara Mullen, I see her in Templestowe but she also works out of Beaumaris. She's with the Victorian Cosmetic Institute and I just love her. But, it's personal preference so don't feel like you have to go with the first person you see. I have been getting botox for a long time (before it was necessary, to be honest) and have had the scary look back in the day - ie permanently surprised. Things have gone a long way since then and good injectors will start conservative. My suggestion would be to start small and increase from there if need be. These days, I am less about botox and more about moderate use of fillers and skin treatments. Best of luck!
  8. Hey girls, I'm going with Dr Boonchai as well ... I've been to-ing and fro-ing about BA and lift in Thailand, originally I was thinking about Dr Piyapas and RBG, however I have since travelled independantly in asia and I don't feel like I need to be ferried around in a group any more - although other girls to chat with would be great :/ ... I'm going in June or July. Anyone have hotel recs? And I understand Dr Boonchai doesn't work out of the major hospitals, is that correct? Sorry if this has been covered in other posts, I feel like I've read a million at this point and my mind is boggling with the information...
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