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    Breast Augumentation- Brazilian round 380cc HP dual plane
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    Dr Ces Colagrande, 8th January 2013
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    160cm/52kg/10B (pre-op)

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  1. Hi Milly, I had my op last night and going the same size as you so would love you to add me as a friend thanks

  2. Hi there, I've booked in to have my BA in May so now I'm hunting though the forums to people with similar stats to myself! Im going with round, 390cc HP Brazilians - also dual plane. I'd love to have a look at your pictures - have sent you a friend request :)

  3. I've been waiting 3yrs for my bf to pay ours off! That's how long ago he put the deposit but we r very tight with money with all our bills. be firm about the right hopefully u will wear it forever, gotta love . I love my bf but I'm up front I told him exactly what ring I want no detours changes lol if I'm gonna wear it forever it's going to be my flavourite piece of jewelery & he was fine with it. I think ink he's just nervous, my bf always tells me when he's paid more off haha so I'd practically know when he's got it
  4. Shop around everyone recommends something different I enquires online to Thailand & was told 270cc. Had a consult in QLD as got 380 they are a d-dd now but in clothes ud never know I had fake boobs
  5. Wow! I have just looked at all your pics. Amazing dedication! I would love to do that one day. Your boobs look great and soooo natural. Have you seen anyone with overs/teardrops? Did your dr only recommend unders?

  6. Do you know of anyone having overs done that are fit and lean. I have no choice but to still work chest cause I'm an instructor. That's why I think overs might be better cause I won't lose pec/chest strength. And I won't get that weird distortion feeling when doing chest weights.

  7. No worries Hun FR accepted. Mine r under it was very very painful my sugeon said my pecs are as thick as steaks lol. Do u put on muscle very easy or are u more "slim fit"? If u don't pack on a lot if muscle it won't be a problem & If go under for sure. My pecs pre-op were like square man pecs fully developed. After BA it was so so painful, took me 8months to fully fluff & I don't do any isolated chest stuff as building my pecs up flattens my implants & pushes them out

  8. Hi Millypede. I have just sent you a friend request. I am looking at getting my BA done in May. I am a fitness instructor And teach body pump, Rpm and CX. I'm still in the process of seeing one more surgeon but I'm having trouble deciding whether to go over the muscle or under the muscle just due to muscle distortion when doing some exercises. I have seen to surgeon and they both recommended two different ways, one said under, the other said overs. So now I'm confused. I would like to teardrop overs, textured I think. I would love to see some pics of what implants look like on someone so lean. I too am very lean up the top. Cheers

  9. ahhhh i know i get way to much booby greed being on hear, im happy with my size then u jump on hear and its all doom and gloom lol
  10. heeeyyy Lover, see u changed ur name too yessss i'm back but prop not on as often as I was early days scrapping for scraps x
  11. Hi Ladies, I've been off the forum for about 6 months sorry, been soooooooooooo flat out. I'VE ALSO CHANGED MY USERNAME (today), as my previous one was so close to my social networking names, was way too obvious lol - but most people will recognise my profile pic still I am 1 year post op now (details in my signature). I've been training for my first Fitness Model Comp for state championships which was Oct past, my body fat went from 18% to 10%. I've uploaded some photos (clothed atm) from the time of fitness model comp and some current to show what implants can look like when very lean. atm im about a small size 6. When i get more time i'll put some up without clothes as i remember back in the early days it was a friggen struggle finding anyone on the forum older than 1yr po. - If any one wants to post the link in hear to my original Max's Muscle Up Challenge post like a year ago i will fix up the expired DropBox link to all the food n training plans - sorry for no replies over last few months life just happened got busy and FR please message first xx
  12. Hi sent u a fr hoping to see ur lips :) thinking of getting it done in Melbourne..

  13. They suit your body so much though, from the pictures anyway :) Im not sure whether to go the 360cc or 390cc, I think im leaning towards the 390cc

  14. Ow thank you Hun so sweet :) they aren't very big though..., so small in person lol

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