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    Breast Augumentation- Brazilian round 380cc HP dual plane
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    Dr Ces Colagrande, 8th January 2013
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    160cm/52kg/10B (pre-op)

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  1. I've been waiting 3yrs for my bf to pay ours off! That's how long ago he put the deposit but we r very tight with money with all our bills. be firm about the right hopefully u will wear it forever, gotta love . I love my bf but I'm up front I told him exactly what ring I want no detours changes lol if I'm gonna wear it forever it's going to be my flavourite piece of jewelery & he was fine with it. I think ink he's just nervous, my bf always tells me when he's paid more off haha so I'd practically know when he's got it
  2. Shop around everyone recommends something different I enquires online to Thailand & was told 270cc. Had a consult in QLD as got 380 they are a d-dd now but in clothes ud never know I had fake boobs
  3. ahhhh i know i get way to much booby greed being on hear, im happy with my size then u jump on hear and its all doom and gloom lol
  4. heeeyyy Lover, see u changed ur name too yessss i'm back but prop not on as often as I was early days scrapping for scraps x
  5. Hi Ladies, I've been off the forum for about 6 months sorry, been soooooooooooo flat out. I'VE ALSO CHANGED MY USERNAME (today), as my previous one was so close to my social networking names, was way too obvious lol - but most people will recognise my profile pic still I am 1 year post op now (details in my signature). I've been training for my first Fitness Model Comp for state championships which was Oct past, my body fat went from 18% to 10%. I've uploaded some photos (clothed atm) from the time of fitness model comp and some current to show what implants can look like when very lean. atm im about a small size 6. When i get more time i'll put some up without clothes as i remember back in the early days it was a friggen struggle finding anyone on the forum older than 1yr po. - If any one wants to post the link in hear to my original Max's Muscle Up Challenge post like a year ago i will fix up the expired DropBox link to all the food n training plans - sorry for no replies over last few months life just happened got busy and FR please message first xx
  6. Hi ladies how's the challenge going? My Gf Amy Doherty is doing it she looks amazing. i posted a new fitness picture as I'm 5weeks out from my first fitness model comp yaaaaay. I've been stocking up on e-books for tasty protein deserts & recipes. Checkout @fitalicious_me on IG she has a link to her website for recipe books for $10 and thereamazing also www.withpeanutbutterontop.blogspot.com has an awesome e-book for $10 too, my mouth is watering readying all of her quick easy protein recipes. I'm in the process of putting together a blog/website about my fitness and food so excited. wish I had time to be on hear more though
  7. Hey hunt have u seen my but before n after pic ? im gonna say no need for 300 lunges. I'd wait to u heal then attack legs Very heavy. To grow the muscle u need heavy weights to tear the fibers & eat protein to repair & grow it, it took me 6months to notice the change & I do glutes 2x week. All- dumbell lunges, leg press, single leg press, standard squat, sumo squat & close stance squat all on the smith machine with barbell & plates.
  8. i put up some pics, unfortunately in the upgrade I lost all of my progress pictures over the months where u can see how it sits like this the whole way though but I though it was more of the "stuborn boob" case.
  9. i haven't posted any pictures of it as i've only posted the flattering ones lol but up until now I just thought it was the whole fluffing process but it doesn't seem to be improving. Naked you can't really notice it thank god other than my cleavage is more flat and not as curved in the centre as most girls but in a bra it's very noticeable. I have to squish them into place to hide it, if was taking a bra picture, I even resorted to bronzer in my cleavage to disguise it once in a low dress. When all the photo's got culled in the upgrade i didnt bother re-loading the crappy ones. I'll put one up in a bra but i'll just feel blah about it as everyone else's always look so amazing
  10. Hi Ladies, Ever since I had my BA done 7 months ago my left has taken the longest to fluff, it sat higher and further out. My surgeon told me to be patient as I have brazilans and they take a full 12 months to fluff, so I've waited for sooooooo long not being able to get proper cleavage as the left one made the gap look larger and the cleavage off centre. Well it's now been 7 months and no improvement they are very soft and squishy but when they are in a bra my left doesn't fut the cup properly and makes my cleavage gap more to the left. Last time I spoke to my surgeon has said it's coz of my dominant/strong pecs pushing it out and to stop ALL weights for a year! which I never new was part of the healing that long of a wait. I only started doing upperbody weights at about 5months and I don't do any pec exercises. My pecs are definately strong as they were full square man pecs under my boobs before I had my BA and my surgeond said they were as thick as steaks (eeeew). But what gets me is the fact that it has been a problem that I can clearly see looking back on progress pics since fir first week of BA (when I wasn't at the gym lifting weights till 5months). Any one else have this problem or know what to do? Im speaking with him this saturday but i know he will just tell me to put on weight and stop doing weights.... this is a massive part of my life sounds dramatic but it would be like tell a swimmer u cant swim or someone who owns a horse well u cant; horse ride for year. the whole reason why I got my boobs done was coz i was so lean and toned from being right into the gym. I maxed out my finance getting them done so i have no idea what options i've got
  11. hi luvly I did the challenge last year and had the same proplem as I don't get back from gym till 9pm and i'm sorry but 1/2 a shake just dont cut it lol. I stuck to the plan the whole way through and yes it worked but i was starving all day and night it was awful. Since then I've been consistently training for 1.5yrs just over and am doing a fitness comp, i was having the same problems working out my meals so i paid a small fortune for a personalised meal plan which i received the other day and man it's amazing and worth every penny. It incl. 5 meals eaten every 2.5hrs with a post workout shake and 5th meal after gym as well but because I wake up at 6am and and I get home from gym at 9pm the spacing between my meal is too big so we are adding in a 6th meal for phase 1, the next 2 phases will be reduced but it's not good to cut too early as ur left with nothing to work with later
  12. I agree Latisha, I had a PT before this one and I lasted 1.5 sessions the idiot had me doing 200 lunges each leg as a beginner, he was like Comando but not hot didn't workout I left half way through a session and felt like a failure. then a year later i found my current trainer, I was on a deadline to find one for the Max's Challenge 2012 and was so lucky to come across him. He pushes me past my limits but not in a **** way where it could hurt me, we talk sooooo much the time flies but I get amazing results. my main intension was to learn all his secrets and train myself but i just enjoy the sessions so much, he researched new routines all the time and when i change my goals he has a new routine. Def found a keeper Loz most PT's offer 1 free session so y can always trial x
  13. Sorry i meant Glutamine not creatine, I just edited my post . Yes I heard creatine bloats u too with water retention so I don't take it. That stack is what my boyfriends nutritionist told him to take, he has his Mr World Natural pro-cards and has been in the biz for 30+ years he does personalised meal plans, we had all that stuff in the pantry so i tried it and was like hellloooooooo energy! hehe but u dont take the stack all the time sometimes i forgot. the chromium tablets are for better protein obsorbtion and leveling out sugar and cravings. if u were to buy any one this and only one (other than protein) i'd say get Muscleze its mainly magnesium for fast muscle recovery and gives u a huge energy boost during with day, level with no crashes all natural minerals. With regards to protein powder my bf nutritionist said ISO Dymatize is the best on the market less than 1gm carbs no artificial sugars flavours as pure protein as u can get, he used to compete and has his pro cards and does alot of advising so he knows his stuff. i just like the taste on Maxines and it's full of added vitamins,low carb no sugar high protein around 24gm too and i find it's great for cooking with. C4- pre-workout i'm new to taking also recommended by the nutritionist i found it's the best i've tried so far there's half the amount of cafine as the other ones i was taking so i can still sleep good at night but still enough to give me a great boost of energy for weights GeorgiaP that's sooooooooooo nice of u to say, ur soooo good looking so im very envious of ur hotness! Free meal plans? amazing yes stick to that guy
  14. I see my PT for 40mins tops in one session I think an hr would be too long but u could prob get it cheaper if u consistently booked few times a week? No offense taken, plus I don't look like that unless I'm flexing or gym pump so it's just great toning during the day. It has taken me over 1.5yrs to build this much muscle, most girls are afraid to lift but u can get super toned all at once it takes a looooong time to build the muscle up & u will know when ur happy. i take Dymatize ISO 100 or Maxine's burn protein powder + XTend BCAA's during workout, C4 for pre workout as I train late & I stack chromium piculinate tablets with Muscleze & glutamine 3x day lol
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