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    Breast Augumentation- Brazilian round 380cc HP dual plane
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    Dr Ces Colagrande, 8th January 2013
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    160cm/52kg/10B (pre-op)

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  1. yeah i know right, i spoke to his nurse and i said i wanted my lips done and she said it shouldnt cost more then $400 and I'm like ok so thats for the product and how much does he charge to do it for you and she said nothing thats for everything and the botox is $18 a unit which is the same as everywhere else so I'm totally going to go there and do it. H does it out of another place once a fortnight so maybe they pay him to do it im not sure. You have to have a consult first which is free so im just going to have the consult and see how much its going to cost and then probably get it done that day