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    Breast Augumentation- Brazilian round 380cc HP dual plane
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    Dr Ces Colagrande, 8th January 2013
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    160cm/52kg/10B (pre-op)

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  1. hahaha your funny, yes hubby is liking V 2.0 alot hahahah must of turned him on in my gym clothes cause he actually woke up in the middle of the night to get some hahahaha It is with Mark Ashton at Rakis in collins st i think or little collins street. If you want, we can go together hahaha Have you had blonde hair before? your so funny, i thought you werent going to touch your hair so it could get healthy lol but i actually reckon it would totally suit you BIG TIME and yeah i prefer lots of highlights then a solid blonde, thats what my hairdresser does for me, just a full head of foils and i only get a full head every 2-3 times i go, in between that she just does half a head so my hair doesnt get too damaged, i go every 8-10 weeks, but when i had brown hair i wanted to go blonde again in a few months before my wedding so i went every 5 weeks and it took about 3- goes before it was blonde and not brown anymore