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  1. Hi Oct girls. I had my 6 week check up with Dr Richard Bloom and everything is perfect! I can run and ride and swim again. I am using the silicon strips at night and my scar is flattening really nicely. Mine are still dropping and my left is still a bit sore and my right is still a little tight. I bought myself my first bra 10D and 10DD In a Berlie sports bra. Hope everyone is feeling great and happy with their results.
  2. Thanks SO much @Yollie this is great. I found going for a walk really helped get everything going plus HEAPS of water! The bloating feels terrrible though but it will go.
  3. Thanks so much @Yollie that would be fantastic. Sounds like you are doing REALLY well which is fantastic. You must be so happy with how they look?? And they only get better!
  4. Hey Oct girls. Has anyone been given specific exercises on your new boobies they could share?? thansk and so good to see everyone looking so fantastic!!! Go Oct girls!
  5. Good luck @Yollie
  6. Two weeks post OP today! Every day just gets better. I can even sleep partially on my side. Hope everyone is recovering well and as happy with their results as I am.
  7. I was bloated for over a week. I am 2 weeks post op tomorrow and finally bloating gone!!
  8. Hi @nict I am great thanks! Richard was really fantastic. I am over the moon with my results. Highly recommend!!!! I went over, 495cc anatomical. see pics below.
  9. They look great! There is so much change ahead, day by day the look and feel changes. You look awesome!
  10. I had my one week post op appointment with Richard Bloom who has been incredible throughout this whole journey. Everything is healing really well and great news ... I can hope on my indoor bike trainer next week! So happy with how everything is looking and would HIGHLY recommend Richard to anyone. Richard and his team even gave me a little gift today! hope everyone is recovering well. I have been back at work all week and looking forward to the weekend!
  11. My bloating started about three or four days post op. yes Dr Richard Bloom put me on antibiotics. It's just a precautionary thing. I am one week post op and the bloating is subsiding ... I think
  12. I am sleeping on two really soft but quite full and spongy pillows. One on top of the other from the middle of my back up to my head. This has been comfy for me. I still get a bit of back pain but I think that's normal when you are in the same position for so long. Hope you are feeling better today! I am one week post op today and the tightness and heaviness is definitely lifting. They even move a bit now when I walk LOL! I took this pic this morning! It is all worth the discomfort in the end.
  13. Hey girls is anyone else's lower tummy really bloated??? Also is anyone massaging or doing anything like that to their new boobs? I have my post op follow up tomorrow! now six days post op! Still quite painful at night but back at work wishing to be home in tracky pants. hope everyone is doing well! I did exactly the same! Comfort and loose fitting and cosy is the key!
  14. Thanks @BamBam mine are over the muscle and went with 495cc anatomical.
  15. Day three post op and beginning to feel normal again. Just taking nurofen at night and had the best sleep yet last night. Swelling is on its way down, thank goodness I as I am back to work tomorrow! A few update pics. So happy with Dr Richard Bloom. Highly recommend him to anyone! goodluck all you girls going next week!
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