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  1. I gained about 5.3kgs after surgery and I haven't lost it yet. Just joined the gym again so hopefully i can lose that and the other 5kgs I want to lose.
  2. I have 520's in....I am not overly skinny and they look great...not too big. Add me if you like to see my pics. Donatella, can I send you a friends request please?
  3. I was uncomfortable for the first 2 weeks, then only uncomfortable at times for the 3rd week. Now 4.5 weeks post op and I only feel the occasional twinge when I do certain things like reaching up to close the tail gate on my land cruiser or opening a tight jar. Not painful but feels weird. Keep your chin up....wont be long until you get some relief.
  4. I re-joined the gym today...bring it on!!!!! Stopped going in May so it will be great to get back into it. I need to lose roughly 10kgs and want to tone up and get fit. I'm feeling quite crappy that I have gained weight....can really see it...even though I am not the most skinniest person. So tomorrow is my first session. Also doing a 6 week challenge which starts on the 4th Nov...
  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. Thinking of you and your family during this hard time
  6. I've just posted some pics. The only thing that I can see that's 'wrong' (but doesn't overly concern me) is one of my nipples is out of shape where they have cut and the other one has a little crease.
  7. I am recovering really well. I am doing most things that I was doing before surgery without any problems. I started jogging today....slowly and with a firm support bra. Felt great. I have put on 5kgs so want to lose that plus more. My scars are looking great. Don't have pain or discomfort. I will have to find time to upload pics tonight....I am so happy with the results and when I lose the weight I will be even more happier.
  8. The first thing I got told is that I would get $8,000 back in rebates under the medicare safety net scheme....then I got told I would get rebates back so my out of pocket expenses would be $8,000 (which worked out to be $3,000 rebate) but then just before surgery I got told I would get only about $1,000 rebate. Who knows!!! I just hope I get something back.
  9. I am 4 weeks post surgery (breast lift and augmentation) and I am finding that I am feeling pretty good. The first two weeks were a bit of a struggle but now I am finding I can do most things although with certain movements I get a twinge (no pain with it though)....things like closing the tail gate of my land cruiser or opening a tight jar. I started driving my manual car after the 3 week stage. I am going to start gentle exercises now that I bought myself a firm exercise bra.
  10. I got told I would get the rebate as my nipples were under the crease and my youngest is 4. They said they have sent in my photo's to medicare. I printed the receipt for the consultation and took it down today. I should hopefuly get just over $70 rebate for that,
  11. I just phoned the office....she is going to email me a copy of the receipt for the consultation. She said that the rebate for medicare normally takes 8-10 weeks. I wish they had of told me that in the beginning.
  12. I might go down to the medicare office this afternoon and find out what is happening. I didn't get a receipt for the consultation so I will find out if Dr Dona's office can send me one.
  13. I had a breast lift/augmentation done on 16th Sept (a month ago...wow that's gone so quick) and was told that I would get a rebate for the amount I paid for the consultation and also the breast lift. I would have thought that I would have received the rebates back by now....but Dr Dona's office has said I need to wait for medicare and they normally do them once a month so it may have been missed. So my question is, how long did you have to wait for rebates?
  14. I'm another dr Dona girl. I saved up the money for mine. Helped that I got my tax through too.
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