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  1. So Ive (kinda) narrowed my list of surgeons, at least to the ones im going to have a consultations with but I thought I would ask for any personal experiences opinions. Ive lost 45kgs so looking for a TT, probably an ExTT. 1. Dr Hunt (Sydney) 2. Dr Perron (South Brisbane) 3. Dr Trotter (Melbourne) 4. Dr Moradi (Sydney)- LOVE the breast work he does but have seen very little tummy work? He does do it but wondering how much? 5. Dr Merten (Sydney) ps im not looking for more suggestions of surgeons just experiences with these surgeons Thankyou so much Pete
  2. Hi Everyone After losing 45kgs (10kg still to go) im wanting to get a breast lift with implants and a tummy tuck (Mummy Makeover) when the time comes. Im looking into the following surgeons and wondering if anyone can offer reviews Dr Miroshnik Sydney Dr Moradi Sydney Dr Jeremy Hunt Sydney
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