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  1. Cosmeditour definitely have FRACS plastic surgeons @Theloveofa. While they do have trainees at their facilities in Australia, it's a little misleading.... the 'trainees' are still fully qualified, and are simply undertaking further training. In my experience, they were fantastic.
  2. Went with Breast Academy on the GC, no drains for me!
  3. Yes! Bras N Things have a big sale on! Got measured at a 10D or 10DD (should be an 8, but there's not a lot of 8s around). I've got more bras than I've ever had in my life, but i'm so okay with that. How is everyone with aches and pains? Morning boob has only just gone away, but if I sleep on my side I do wake up a bit sore. I try to sleep side on a pillow for some cushioning.
  4. Topic says it all. I'm aware it's different for everyone. I'm three weeks today and still going, although I actually feel it's a little worse than the two week mark, maybe due to being more active?
  5. I'm at the 2.5 week mark and flying out this week on a holiday. I feel fine to do so, just be aware that you'll need assistance with carrying/pushing/pulling bags. If it's somewhere warm, you might not be able to wear bathers or swim right away, depending on your surgeon's recommendations. At the end of a long day you may be more tired, swollen and sore than usual too. Definitely doable, proving there's no complications!
  6. Thanks! Luckily I'd heard about the measuring vs looks differences here before I went in, so when he said I may end up a full C/small D, I didn't freak out (although my mother certainly did). I went through Breast Academy, and Dr Rebecca Won did mine. Very happy!
  7. I'm usually a size 6/8, previously an 8-10AA or A. I got 270/290cc teardrops. I'm only just over a week PO, but I'm not minding the size At the moment I'm most comfortably fitting a 10D, because of the swollen side boob. May well go down to a 10C when that disappears, though. Sometime sizes have to be taken as a matter of perspective to some extent. I certainly don't feel like I've got D cups compared to others, but apparently I do!
  8. I'm 8 days post op and I'm pretty much numb below the nipples up to my incisions. Weird feeling!
  9. Yeah the first day you're pretty well numb in a lot of areas, so it's days two and three when your body is in real shock. Sleeping semi-upright helped with the morning pain, as I found sleeping flat actually made my muscles ache more (though not sure if you had dual plane too). Day 5 is mostly just aches and a little less swelling. I had a fair bit between my boobs, and was told to massage that part only - it's a gross feeling because I can hear the fluid moving around! That and the bottom half of both are still numb around the incisions. Very weird feeling to only just be able to register touch. Can't believe I went through with it either! Give us a couple of weeks and we'll be well on our way to enjoying the boobie life.
  10. I haven't had babies either! @Boobieminus is right - mornings are by far the worst. I didn't wake up in the night to take my pain meds, but doing so would definitely help things. The first few days you're kind of limited in strength and movement, and for me the pain was maybe a 7 or 8/10 when I woke up, but after maybe 3 or so days it settles down to a dull ache and a tight feeling in your chest. I'm only taking one pill for the pain at a time instead of two. Just make sure you're taking your medication like clockwork and rest up, and it'll be okay! It makes you pretty drowsy, so I slept a lot those first few days anyway. Glad your op went well, @Boobieminus!
  11. They put mine on me while I was in recovery. Any of you ladies go under the muscle and feel those weird movements where the muscle is clenching the implants? Such a disconcerting feeling! Happen sometimes when I forget I can't push myself my my hands from sitting or try to put my weight on my arms. So paranoid that any weird pain is a sign of something wrong! RE: Different sized boobs I asked my PS this because one is more swollen than the other, and she said to consider your boobs as two separate surgeries - they react differently! Made me feel a little better. Plus in my case, I had two different sized implants, so the side with the larger one underwent a little more trauma.
  12. anna6

    Jan group

    I've just started one - ba.breastacademy. Had my surgery yesterday.
  13. Glad you're doing well @Missy35! My PS gave me some similar scar cream, will have to look at the brand. Ugh, the pain though! I've never really had surgery before so my pain tolerance isn't great, but last night moving about was sore but okay. This morning the nerve blockers have clearly disappeared, and ohhhhh boy does it hurt to be upright! So paranoid that moving around will cause rotation.
  14. One boob is pretty well numb still! That's why it doesn't hurt ? Maybe the nerve blocker hasn't quite worn off. :/
  15. Alright, I'm on the othe side! Had a reaction to the anaesthetic and spent a while vomiting, but much better now. Had a bit of a nap and feeling okay. Little bit concerned because one side does not hurt and the other is really painful up the top - feels like muscle soreness. That's one of the things that's a red flag! The PS said she'll ring tomorrow though so maybe I'll wait until then to bring it up.
  16. I had plenty of embarrassment at my consult too. Almost fainted half way through him doing his measurements! I'd taken a red eye flight the previous night, so it was probably a combination of sleep deprivation, dehydration and nerves. In other news, it's T-minus 3 hours for me! ?
  17. I'd say you'd probably just be more uncomfortable on the plus side, you'll be on great pain meds any way?
  18. Currently an 8/10A or B depending on the style. Usually size 6-8 in tops. So I'm sure 290 would look plenty big on me! Definitely the right choice. Glad it all went well! Rest up They're looking amazing already! You must be thrilled ?
  19. Rebeccalee and I are still waiting too! I've decided on the 290cc after a bit of thought. I'm worried about boob greed but probably not prepared to risk seeing and feeling the edges of the implants if I go bigger. Plus, plenty of girls my size have gone 290 and have managed to fit a D cup! Feels better to have chosen.
  20. I know how you feel @rebeccalee! I've still got two days to wait! Hope all the girls today went well Also, had my final consultation - comes down to choosing which size I want - 290 or 325cc. I liked the look of the 325 more on the Vectra thing (more cleavage, and worried I'd go too small), BUT the PS said I'd have a good chance of the implant showing on the side because I'm quite thin. He recommends the 290 for me. Feels like a really difficult decision!
  21. Plus you can be confident knowing they look awesome! Worried about that too a little though, mostly in the sense that my work is a fairly conservative environment and I had to take time off. Guess it can't be helped.
  22. I'm on a flight at midnight to Queensland tonight! Then consultation tomorrow, and surgery Friday! It's all happening
  23. I'll be getting unders or dial plane. Size won't be decided until my consult on Tuesday. I'd say I'd be under 300cc based on what other girls have gotten/looked like before, but I guess I'll find out what my limit is. Scared both of going too big and too small!
  24. I've got my surgery time for next Friday! 10:15, so I should be out mid afternoon I guess. Can't believe it's come around so fast. Apparently my surgeon says I can wear crops and supportive bras, like the post op one, from a few days in, and any bra I want after 6 weeks. I'll be looking forward to proper bra shopping before I go back to work in Jan! Sleeping on my back for a good month or so though Also pear juice is great for bloating. Just the tinned kind is fine!
  25. Looking good ladies! Glad to see recovery is going well, makes me feel better about this all! I've not had kids, so I won't be able to compare the pain to anything really! I'm just hoping by the three week mark I'll be fine for my holiday. What things were really useful to you guys in this first week? I've got: travel pillow for my neck loose/button up clothes a couple of extra crops i'm hoping will fit frozen peas some stuff for bloating Missing anything?
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