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  1. Thanks for your support guys, I really appreciate it ((( massive hugs ))) I'm on my way out atm. But I will post a reply later on. In the meantime you all have a wonderful day xxxx
  2. Just a quick update. I'm still wanting the surgery. Each and every time i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror i just want to cry and it just reinforces the fact that I'm so unhappy about the way i look. I project a women with low or no self esteem with no confidence to go out and live her life. My appearance holds me back from doing all the things that i want to do in life. I'm sick and tired of hating myself. The person i see in the mirror is the woman that my ex turned me into.....old, tired and worn out. All the pain and suffering I been through because of him is deeply entrenched on my face. So conseqently each time i look in the mirror im reminded of him! Deep in my heart I have decided a million times over that I want the surgery. Im not going to live the rest of my life feeling and looking like crap because of him. I've taken up Pilates in order to tone and strengthen my body as I have back issues. Which brings me to the topic of exercise. How long would i need to wait until after the surgery to get back into my Pilates ??? I been doing my Pilates 2x per week for a couple of months now and am starting to see results. I feel better and much stronger and fitter. Thank you xx
  3. Thanks DeepBlueSea70, I still definitely want the surgery, but it always comes down to the financial side of things. Ive been quoted $20,000 for a full face lift. If i knew that if i could afford it i would have had it done it yesterday Feel so sad snd powerless to do any thing about my situation unless i m able to come up with thr 20K. Ive never consider going overseas fot the surgery ip until now. Does anyone have an experienced they wish to share with me ? Judt feel so old and even worse i look old. My confidence and self esteem has hit rock bottom
  4. Regarding my surgery I still haven't booked a date and time, but I'm determined to go through with it if I can genuinely afford it. The main thing which is prolonging my decision is weighing up if I can DEFINITELY afford it. You see the money I do have has to see me through to my retirement. From my calculations yes I should be ok, but with the government constantly changing pension laws etc who knows? Either way thanks to my greedy ex husband I wont be able to afford to purchase my own home. If I'm extremely lucky I may be able to buy into a retirement village, have to look into the details extremely carefully as the rules and cost from one retirement village vary quite vastly. In any case I cant buy into one until I reach the ripe old decrepit age of 57. Most of my finances are tied up in Super which means I cant access it till I reach the age of 57. I'll be 54 next month. I'm quite happy for my money to remain in my super fund as I have enough money to survive on, including the money required for the surgery at call. So basically once the three years are up I have to see where I stand. Can I afford to perhaps buy into a retirement village, if not I have no choice but to rent. My finances are the main reason why I haven't booked the surgery as yet. I'm a worrier by nature and keep thinking "what if I cant really afford the surgery". Have I neglected to take into consideration some other major expense that I will be faced with? If I didn't have to consider the financial side of things I would have booked my surgery yesterday! I really want it! And I refuse to listen to well meaning family and friends who sway me against having it done. I'm the one who has to live my life, not them. They are quite secure in their lives and content to lead there own lives surrounded by their own spouses and children. I don't have that and never will. The only person I have is myself and I want to be the best version of myself possible. I'm sick of looking down when walking down the street because I look so old. I know it sounds stupid, but that's the way I feel. As I mentioned in my previous posts I don't expect to look 21 again. Hell I just want to look like a better version of myself. Why do my family and female friends consider this to be such a crime and try talking me out of it? The few male friends I have are nowhere as judgemental regarding my having surgery as long as I'm able to afford it. Anyway just need to have vent. Everything seems to be getting to me lately. I feel as though my life is in limbo and I'm waiting for something to happen. I don't know what I'm waiting for? A miracle perhaps lol . Thanks for listening to my ramblings xxxx
  5. I've heard about threading. It was touted as being the new "face-life" back in its day. I remember Oprah heralding it as the no surgery face lift (or something to that effect), Personally I always thought it looked way too easy. What, a simple thread is going to magically lift a face that's headed south already? No way!!! I've read various reports about these procedures being highly unsuccessful. And no way would I ever consider having a cosmetic procedure done by a cosmetic surgeon. I don't care how simple the procedure, I still insist on a Plastic Surgeon. I'm so sorry that you had to go through this horrendous experience joys ((((( huge hugs for you sweetie )))))) xxxxx
  6. Thanks Shellymee, yes the reaction i received today left me feeling rather disheartened. An afternoon which normally would have been fun and pleasant ended up being hostile with me trying to justify my every action. This afternoon I just couldn't say or do anything right. I felt as though i was constantly being judged. Well Im tired of trying to please people. No matter what you do people with judge you anyway, so to hell with them. I'll do whats right for me for a change. I'll stay true to whats in my heart and make my little dream come true Damn I cant wait to see your pics girl!!!! Your the one who really got me inspired about the surgery.. After hearing about how happy you are now after your surgery that really got me thinking seriously about myself. Of course I always wanted surgery but kept finding excuses and put in on the back burner. But not now!!! Now Im on a mission to look good and feel good! I owe you and couple of other great people on this forum for giving me the inspiration and the kick in the pants that i needed to do this, lol (((((hugs)))) xxx
  7. Hmmm.... as much as my sister claims to support my wish for surgery, after today im not quite so sure. Usually we're very close but today there was a sense of distance and awkwardness between us. Maybe I'm just misinterpreting or overthinking things. Perhaps the combination of my anxiety/excitement about my surgery translated into my acting differently A couple of times when i tried bringing up the subject of surgery i was met with a blank and disinterested look. When she did manage to say anything it was words to the effect of "what your not having it done now!!!!. No darling sister Im not an utter and complete moron for crying out loud. I didnt say that but i sure as hell was thinking it lol. No, i still have to have at least a couple of consults etc. Like I'm stupid enough to go under the knife in a moment of impulse!. I suspect that she thinks that im having my 5 mins. of wishful thinking and will eventually loose interest and drop the idea. Well that aint going to happen. I told her that im NOT having surgery immediately however I definitely AM having surgery after I've spoken a few surgeons, informed myself of what to expect, costs, what the surgery entails, recovery time, chances of possible risks, if its likely to make a meaningful difference to my appearance.... etc. etc. ..... Has anyone else experienced a similar reaction from family and friends?
  8. Thanks for your encouragement and support girls. Means a lot to me x. I'm from Adelaide and have recently met up with a member from this forum who has kindly shared his own personal journey into the world of cosmetic surgery with me. I've got the names of a couple of surgeons who might be worth considering and equally as importantly the surgeons to avoid at all costs. Shellymee certainly has been an absolute inspiration to me also. I'm soooo excited at the mere thought of looking somewhat "pretty" again. Never ever thought it would be a possibility for me. I'll definitely keep you all posted of my progress every step of the way. xx
  9. I've made up my mind and I going for it. Life is too short to sit around thinking, wishing and hoping for life to change. The only way things will change if is i take steps to make changes. I'm a 53 (54 in feb) year old woman and after 20 years stuck in a mostly unhappy marriage my ex left me for another woman. The past 12 months have been the most deviestating period of my life and it certainly shows on my face. I look more like 60 than 53. My self confidence has sunk to rock bottom. I had initally considered surgery after i turned 50 but felt guilty about spending so much money on something that the time I had considered "trivial". Now I realize there's nothing trivial about wanting to look and feel the best you possibly can. The irony of it all is that i had scrimped and saved $20,000 of my own money for my surgery only to have my ex squandered it all. Today I'm 4 years older together with a combination of gravity taking hold and the grief, stress, worry, little or no sleep and not looking after myself as i should have I look more like a woman of 60. Ive made up my mind that I'm finally going to do something for myself. I've put aside $20,000 from my settlement and every cent of that money is going towards creating a better version of myself. I don't have any unrealistic illusions of looking twenty years younger. That's downright insane. I'd be happy if I could look 10 years younger. And as for family and friends if they don't support or accept me unconditionally, with or without surgery they are not worth having in my life. xxx .
  10. Hi everyone, I'm 50 years of age and am seriously considering having a Lower Face lift (or mini face lift) due to sagging and drooping jowls. Just wondering if anyone has had any procedures performed by Mr Timothy Edwards from Adelaide Plastic Surgery Associates? This is my very first foray into the world of plastic surgery so i'm very nervous and apprehensive about it all. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated....thank you xx
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