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  1. I have been pretty quiet of late.... There are many reasons for this: 1. The crash made me realise that I don't need to be trolling the forum every since moment of the day waiting to see who is going to post new pics. Sorry girls, but now I have my girls, I don't need to see your boobs so much. 2. I have a few select girls that I've made really good friends with in person, so I'd much rather chat and see them rather than trying to make new "friends" on here. I've culled my "friend" list right back to basically Melbourne girls. I don't even want to become friends with the big boobie girl
  2. It's a secret group bec, so no one except us girls in it see what you've written
  3. Bumping up to see if we can get more responses!
  4. My surgeon provides us with a berlei sports bra which we should be wearing every day for three months until the all clear for underwire. I went and got fitted at bras n things for their complete comfort bra at 6 weeks. I drool over lots of bras but I'm going to be a good girl and wait another couple of months before splurging!
  5. That's sweet. We all come from all sides of Melbourne, perhaps you could come in with one of us.
  6. Where are you coming from? Can your friend drive you? I drove from 7 days post op... My first decent drive was at 11 days in a manual car. It was a bit tender but I survived!!!
  7. I agree, they look great! Your friend is probably so used to seeing you with no boobs or they also have no boobs and wish they were getting a boob job as well so doesn't want you to go too big! Everything feels big for a start but when they are actually inside they aren't heavy or saggy like sizers so you get used to them fairly quickly!
  8. Most of the time I take these off and put them on from the bottom up! Even at 7 weeks I'm still pulling them up to get them on!
  9. I was also in a size 14 target one from Craig! But I wear a size 12 band now. I went a got a three pack from target identical to Craig's ones but in a size 12. I looked into getting these before surgery but I didn't know what size... I think now swelling has gone I might be in a medium. I love the vibrant coloured ones as I already have the plain ones. I still wear these crops to bed and on lazy days at home.
  10. I did see them!! Super high and amazing! Are your feet really black and blue??
  11. Hey foxy lady, I'm totally down with this! Are you going to be wearing high heels again? We should go dancing! I'm not a great dancer but imagine the eyes on all the boobs that walk in!
  12. All the best for surgery tomorrow! Who is your surgeon? Where are you having surgery? I started taking arnica 24 hours post op for a week and I still got heaps of bruises. I bruise easily though so I don't think all the arnica in the world would have prevented it!
  13. I don't think you'll end up in an E... I think a D at most! I started off as a 12aa and I'm fitting in a 12d at the moment. And honestly they aren't huge looking. Clothes cover them really well if that's what you're worried about. I got 370cc and I am about 177cm and 64kgs
  14. Craig told me too that mods give pancake boobs... No thanks, I've been as flat as a pancake long enough!! I love my high profile allergan smooths... Once they settle I'm sure they will still look pretty natural. Good luck with your journey, and even though I'm a Craig girl, I would agree with the others and have a consult with the amazing mark Ashton
  15. Hi girls, I went shopping today at bras n things specifically to buy the complete comfort bra! I'm 6 weeks post op and I told the lady that I was so that she would know that my boobs are likely to drop a bit more. She measured me as a 12D which fits pretty well in the band and cup, I have now taken out the wires and have it on now. The only thing is that there is a small amount of room under my boob in the cup, which is probably okay as my boobs should drop into it and fill it nicely! I ended up getting two bras... the ruby red and white with pink pattern as they were on sale for
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