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  1. On 15/02/2014 at 4:51 PM, Alexns said:

    Hi Bluemoon,


    I'm considering either Dr Pincock or Dr Marcells myself. I'm very interested to know who you go with and how your consultations go!

    Hey did you end up deciding with a surgeon ? I'm tossing between Dr Marcell and dr Shahidi except I feel very uncomfortable with them doing open surgery

    On 10/03/2016 at 10:23 PM, voluptuous_aj said:

    I had septorhinoplasty with Dr Shahidi. My bridge was basically straight to begin with, my main concern was reducing size of tip and reducing size of nostrils, and was left with a completely assymetrical result... My bridge is far worse then it was before and I don't know why he even touched the bridge really but he totally scraped away the left side and didn't touch the right. My nostrils which I wanted reduced are also asymmetrical and my tip is unchanged, not reduced. I am now searching for someone who can fix my nose which he left looking a mess and worse then it was originally. He was lovely in the consult, but hasn't wanted to hear about any of my concerns and I am shattered. I wouldn't recommend him.

    That's terrible. I have noticed that a few patients in their after photos it's looks asymeterical. He does such awesome profiles but I think open surgery really plays around with the nose too much. So what are you thinking of doing now? I hope it gets better

  2. Hey all! 

    can anyone reccomend surgeons who can perform an amazing rhinoplasty and also so some liposuction on my neck to get rid of my double chin. I want to the surgery at the same time. I can see that ent like dr shahidi focus on noses and other surgeons do more breasts/ body but I want to find one who can do both the nose just as good as a liposuction. My sister had her breasts done with dr Scott turner and even though he has listed rhinoplasty I would think ent are more specialists in this. Has anyone had their nose done and Lipo in Sydney? Thank you so much for any help xxx

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