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    Would love Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation seeing as having my 5 beautiful children, didn't exactly agree with my body ! Have done everything I can do exercise wise, but these cannot be fixed without surgery.
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    165cm/59kg/12b with nothing on top :(

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  1. I'm glad he has come around. It really makes me angry as my husband was basically on the verge of divorce Over this topic ! There was a lot of arguments before my surgery but he finally got it through his thick head when he caught me sobbing uncontrollably In the shower. I screamed at him that is wasn't about him ! My body has created and fed 5 children and it showed. So happy I had it done and he's not complaining either. Good luck to you.
  2. So sorry this is so late a response, just haven't been on here for a while. I am going to try to upload some new pics soon so feel free to have a look. All is going well can't believe its been almost 8 months. I am really happy with my boobs although I'd love to go bigger but surgeon had his reasons and convinced me otherwise. I had look at your pics and you look fantastic ! Hope it's all going well. :)

  3. Just sent you a FR as we have similar boobies! I'm 2 days out and would love to see your progress:)

  4. Hi there sorry for late reply haven't been on here much. I was fine with the two procedures in one. I only had small amount taken from inner thighs and tummy and it's been very worth it. I couldn't stand my legs touching together even the slightest amount. I have some markings still where the lipo was done but it may just be how my skin reacts to the lipo. I also have some pigmentation similar on my face from pregnancy, it may just take a while to go. Still I can live with it. The lipo also did not hurt at all, wish I'd had it years ago. My breast surgery was a breeze. Very happy with it all. It's definately worth having both procedures at once due to not having to pay two sets of theatre fees. Hope it all goes well for you. :)

  5. bbk11 I was just wondering if you ended up having the BA and lipo? I am considering having both at TCI but was keen to hear how both procedures in one op went? Thanks

  6. Wish I could help but I didn't experience this myself. Probably best to contact your surgeon if your concerned
  7. I am so sorry to hear this I only hope it settles down soon for you. I think am I a bit like yourself where I don't see myself as I think others do. And I am not sure if I'll ever be completely happy. It's a daily battle. I hope it sorts itself out but I have heard of this happening before and the only thing I have heard a surgeon suggest is more ab toning . Sorry if I haven't been able to help I just feel terrible for you.
  8. Personally I hate the term "fake tits" mine feel very real to me !! They have probably gawked at plenty of women with awesome boobs and not even been able to tell there augmented. They just sound immature. I bet they wouldn't speak like that if their mum had implants ! Don't let people sway you on your decision to have breast implants, after all you only do it for you no one else. Also my husband was guilty of using this term with me before I had my surgery, however I made it very clear to him that he is never to refer to my boobs that way or he'll never have the pleasure of touching them hehe goodluck
  9. Thanks Merlin. I was concerned about people noticing and judgments but I shouldn't have been. Everyone has been lovely. And I am not ashamed of my decision one bit so I think that when people notice that they are probably more as ease with it too.
  10. I was surprised too ! Very happy to be back at gym ! I am no pro just enjoy doing the weights, keeps things tight
  11. Thanks girls it certainly is mentally draining at times but it also goes so fast. I really thought I would be back to weights but as a gradual thing but it has only taken about three workouts to be back to where I left off, so much faster than expected.
  12. Just noticed that you were having revision Tuesday. Hope it all went well cant wait to see new pics. Happy healing :)

  13. By the time you see this you will have your new boobs ! just rest up and you'll be thrilled when you see them :)

  14. hello ladies, been a little while since i have been on here but its been a busy few weeks I will be six weeks po tomorrow and am feeling really great. A month ago I would I sworn I would never be able to lift weights again and things were definately getting on top of me mentally. If I had my time again I would have asked for a little help with the kids and housework but am the stubborn type that can do it all myself ! Anyway fast-forward to five weeks and things have been so much better. I am back to the gym and back to lifting as much as before and then some. Yay!! feels great and even better looking in the mirrors and seeing awesome boobs lol . I am yet to do any specific chest exercises such as bench, lat pulldowns, pushups, pullovers etc but thats cool with me there is so much else to do anyway. Also havent done any bouncing movements as I have yet to get a really good support bra but will be doing so soon. I dont really do any cardio prefer to use that energy for housework and mowing !! And another great thing is the response I have had from other ladies that I hadnt told about my surgery. Because I didnt go very big with my implant they are sort of "are they, aren't they?" type of boobs which I like. But for those ladies that I have spoken to they have been so supportive and completely understanding. It surprises me that the ones that I thought were totally happy with their bodies and may have been a little judgmental of my decision have been the complete opposite and have been asking me all sorts of questions and are keen to have theirs done also. It feels so nice to be able to talk about it without feeling selfish or silly. The only thing at the moment that bothers me a little is that I can feel the implant along the bottom and woke up this morning certain my right one had bottomed out. Have since read that this is normal, i just think my implants have dropped a litttle further and now they actually sit nicely in their new crease. I do visual checks each day to make sure their still where their supposed to be, so far so good. Will be posting pics tomorrow. I am very happy that I finally did this for myself, it is by far the best thing I have ever done and I feel so much more like myself. fingers crossed everything continues to go well and I would very much recommend my surgeon as I think he does a fantastic job.
  15. Helloooo, September ladies hope your all going well ! Four weeks for me today and all going as expected but craving for full workout !!! Haven't got any bigger (body wise) thank goodness but sure I have gained fat and lost muscle but hope to get back into shape by Christmas . I hope everyone is doing well and issue free and most importantly enjoying there new boobies and for the first time in 13 years I wore a bikini in public although no one else on the beach I still did it and my tummy finally has a tan !!
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