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    Bilateral breast augmentation
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    Dr Andrew Greensmith 22/12/2016
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    167cm 58kgs pre op a cup
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    Registered nurse

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  1. Hey there, I had surgery with dr Greensmith a year ago, you will be in great hands. In regards to having a person to accompany you home, this is a must. I’m a theatre nurse myself and legally we are not allowed to let you go home alone due to having an anaesthetic, you are more prone to injury (falling etc). The admissions nurse will also make sure you have someone as this is a requirement for surgery, not having a person could potientally result in your surgery being cancelled as if anything were to happen the hospital would be liable. This person will also have to sign a document saying they
  2. Hey there! I also went to Andrew Greensmith and am 1 year post op I think I paid around $7200, maybe a little more, but I did get some extras such as sizers and a Keller funnel (helps get the implant in through a smaller incision) you will be in good hands, I’m a scrub nurse myself and knew the nurses in my theatre on the day. Although I have not worked with him myself, my nurse friends had told me that Andrew Greensmith is very good at what he does. It’s also a great price for a plastic surgeon. I often tell plastic surgeons I work with the price I paid and they are quite amazed they a
  3. I'd say 22 as this is around the age where woman start to stop developing in the boob area, though if she was at least 18 and wanted to do it I wouldn't stop her, but would prefer her to wait
  4. I reccomend dr Andrew Greensmith in Melbourne at Melbourne institute of plastic surgery
  5. I had a ba with Andrew Greensmith in December 2016, can not reccomend him enough. He is a fully qualified plastic surgeon and did an amazing job! Very professional and honest. Very happy with my results !
  6. I'm so happy I wanted the round augmented but somewhat natural look lol, they are perfect! And can only get better
  7. Hey guys I'm 2 weeks post op today! Here's a photo from day one (bottom) and 2 weeks (top) soooo happy And here is also a photo of one of my incisions 2 weeks post op, sorry still a little dry blood there
  8. Hey there @AED I had my ba last Thursday with your Brest/Melbourne institute of plastic surgery with dr Andrew Greensmith I highly reccomend them as they all are proper plastic surgeons, not just cosmetic, the difference being a cosmetic surgeon is usually they usually were/are a gp who went and did a shorter corse/certificate to become a cosmetic surgeon whereas a plastic surgeon has studied an intense degree in surgery and has specialised in plastics and reconstructive surgery, usually having more qualifications and experience. I myself am a theatre nurse who assists
  9. @kelly1992 I can notice the swelling still, I hope it goes down for you soon! Looks like it would be annoying. i feel fine I have no more pain but still numb in my underboob and nipples, I feel more uncomfortable when going to bed due to having to slee upright, sometimes the compression bra gets annoying so I release it for a little bit or undo the lower 2 clips and it feels better. Can't wait to have a proper shower though ! I still have my dressings on so I'm waiting untill I get them off, just sponge bathing etc untill then. I'm feeling prettt stinky too as I was supposed to receive 2
  10. So I have a little bit of bruising but i can't believe how much they have changed already, here's a pic 4 days post op - mind the nipples this was also taken on a weird angle
  11. Hey there I'm feeling good but just sore, I think I've been over doing it, over not being able to sleep properly! my surgeon uses drains for 24 hours and he prefers the fluid to be out then sitting around the implant to prevent infection which makes sense, he also used a Keller funnel for non touch technique i guess other surgeons don't feel they need to use them it really comes down to surgeon preferences
  12. Hey did anyone else have numb nipples and underboob for a few days post op?
  13. @kelly1992 I get them removed tomorrow at 10am
  14. I feel amazing ! No pain just slight tightness, I'm able to walk around, go to the toilet etc, I want to go down the superkarket but I have 2 drains in so I better not haha, I didn't have any pain relief in recovery as it was so much better then I expected, I'm so amazed considering I got under the muscle. I am trying to not over do it though, just amazed I can do things I thought I wouldn't be able to Ladies who said they could feel fluid and hear it, maybe it's this, these are my drains at the moment, could explain it?
  15. @kelly1992 they look amazing already! Who did u go with?? @DrMGirl2017 hope everything is going well for u x
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