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  1. Bumping this! Was the scabbing/recovery period really obvious? How long did it last for? Need to figure out whether I need to take time off from the outside world while I heal
  2. Yes - smooth rounds. He used the Keller funnel, so my scars are small (about an inch).
  3. Absolutely. He took the time to answer all of my questions, had great bedside manner and I love the result. I got exactly what I asked for. I took in photos of what I was after to give him an idea of the look I was going for. Absolutely recommend.
  4. Have finally responded to your friend request @tsal! I have a few photos in my gallery.
  5. BoobsCD

    Jan group

    Still looks amazing @excited_much!
  6. I got 220 cc under the muscle and am now a big C/small D (was a A/small B). It really depends on your body frame, BWD etc. I agree with the ladies above - even though that's what I wear, I look like a small C...which I am happy with. Would I go bigger? Not at this point - I'm happy with the aesthetic and am still able to exercise as much I used to....it's just that I now look great in a sports bra
  7. The post-op appointments for Greensmith are as follows: 1) 1 day post-op (included) 2) 1 week post op (included) 3) 6 weeks post op (included) 4) 1 year post op (not included - around $150 or so, plus you get the medicare rebate if your GP referred you). I think he continues to see you yearly. I had a great experience with Dr Greensmith - I got what I requested (C/D boobs), had an easy recovery and the scar is small (about an inch). Great demeanor and post-op care.
  8. BoobsCD

    Jan group

    Looking great @Rachybabe! I'm 7 weeks PO now - I dropped pretty early (looks very similar to my 2-3 week photos). Saw my PS last week who said it'll soften up more. Really happy with my results! It's fantastic not to have to wear a padded bra anymore to fill clothes out. I'm back to my pre-surgery exercises. All going well! I'll take a progress pic and update my album soon.
  9. No I haven't - but I didn't go too big either - requested (and got) a full C/small D.
  10. I also had a BA with Dr Greensmith. Fantastic results - exactly what I asked for. Recovery was amazing as well - minimal pain, great post op care. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Friend request if you'd like to see my photos.
  11. I got 220cc's @lilkim85 - rounds, under the muscle. Definitely a natural look. There have been studies comparing anatomicals vs rounds and people can't tell the difference. What is your BWD?
  12. BoobsCD

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    Yes - each sheet can be used for a week or more. I cut one sheet in half lengthways so it should last for 8 weeks (per box). I have two boxes.
  13. BoobsCD

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    Looking awesome @excited_much! Swelling has definitely gone down and it has started to drop.
  14. BoobsCD

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    I bought mine in the US. They sell it at chemists as well as Priceline etc as well, though its more expensive than overseas. The brand I'm currently using is Scar Away...they also sell it on ebay. If I didn't have the sheets I'd still be taping the scar. The benefit of the sheet is that it pretty much acts like tape. They say that the scar just has to be well healed.
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