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  1. What did Dr Cunneen quote you? Would you know what payment options he has? ?
  2. Wow, they look really nice. I'm very similar to you as well, so this really helps!! Haha boob jealousy right now haha
  3. Hey, thanks for the advice! I think your right. I just need to pick a few PS I like and go meet them. Get an idea of what they have on offer. I'm a bit nerveous about it lol. ?
  4. Hi guys, I never thought that I would want to get my breasts done but after loosing 20 kg I've noticed my breasts are not the same. I have no idea where to begin. Confused by the variations of price and where to get it done. All the websites say the same things. Feeling a bit overwhelmed. I'd love some advice or tips. Thanks guys!! xxxx
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