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  1. I didn't consult with Eddie but I follow a girl on instagram and her results are amazing! I am 5 weeks POst op with Phil and am so very happy. The care has been fantastic and even though I've had a few freak outs about my size being too big, they have started to become "me" and I am over the moon
  2. I am 5 weeks with Dr Richardson and so far - very happy!!!
  3. lovejugs

    Boobs in July ?

    Good luck @BunnyHop!!!
  4. Thanks for your reassurance girls! Emotional roller later for sure @misstons! I knew/know it's way to early @Kaleidoscope_Eyes (Funny how even though we know this it's still hard not to freak out lol), it's comforting to know I'm not the only one that is thinking what the **** have I done ?
  5. Hi gals, im freaking out a little that I went too big. I had surgery on Monday. I've got so much side boob - hoping it's swelling and might settle a bit over the coming weeks ? Obviously it's going to be a huge change from what I had to start, maybe it takes a bit of time to get used to the change? Have had a couple of really "low" days, I feel super emotional and grumpy and just keep thinking OH ***** everyone is going to notice! My post op bra is 36E! Reassurance anyone??
  6. lovejugs

    Boobs in July ?

    Hi @Mrs Freckles - Sorry to hear about your incision sites! I'm sure they will be fine, these things can be pretty common during all types of post-op healing. Glad to your feeling overall better and more comfortable. ? Mine are rounds,Moderate profile, 380 and 360cc. I wouldn't worry where mine are sitting compared to yours, this has been a concern for me from the begging of my journey, my breast naturally sit really low on my chest and I have a lot of flat 'space' hahaha. Not sure if that makes sense? I'm hoping they don't end up looking too low and not enough upper pole to balance it out..... time will tell! Im feeling like mine are too big today and freaking out about what I have done haha
  7. lovejugs

    Boobs in July ?

    Hey girls! Just checking in to see how everyone is going? Im feeling pretty good now at day 5. Still sore but just on panadol now. Pretty happy with how everything is going. I'm still bruised and swollen but getting better!!
  8. lovejugs

    Boobs in July ?

    Hi @sweet_suga! The time will fly! I can't believe how quick the last few weeks leading up to my surgery has gone! @Mrs Freckles I'm feeling pretty good today, much better than I expected! Glad to hear your recovery is going well too, the squelching sounds interesting!
  9. lovejugs

    Boobs in July ?

    Thanks @Jenny1002 great tip with the heat bag, it's already made a world of difference! I have had ice packs sitting toward the lower of breast as that's where they had them when I left day hospital - have just loaded myself up with frozen peas on the top now too ? Thanks @Bonny6 I wonder when it stops feeling surreal and they become part of us! Good work being just on panadol now and getting out for lunch, bet it was nice to leave the house !
  10. lovejugs

    Boobs in July ?

    I'm done! At home now trying to get myself into a comofortable spot to sit on the couch and watch tv - impossible. My ne k and back shoulder are aching and my chest is soooooo tight (now I get what everyone is saying!). I have a bit of bruising already, but recovered really well from my GA and its all just feeling a little surreal that it's done and I'm on the other side now. Been thinking about having a BA since I was 20! The nursere suggested that vitamin c is good for bruising.. any other suggestions? Or ideas to get comfy!?
  11. lovejugs

    Boobs in July ?

    I think I am next!!!! Monday morning for me! ?
  12. lovejugs

    Boobs in July ?

    Hey @Mrs Freckles and @Niltiac! Hope your surgeries today went well. Starting to think I should probably start getting prepared for my surgery on Monday! I have read through the pre/post op post on the forum and know I need to make sure I have stuff ready - I just can't seem to find the motivation to start getting things together. What is wrong with me lol. I was like this before I had my kids too, didn't pack my hospital bag until the very last second!
  13. lovejugs

    Boobs in July ?

    Hi @Jenny1002 ! Yay for being on the other side! How are you feeling today? Good of luck on Wednesday @BA2017! I think a lot of us go through this nervousness leading up to surgery, it I'm sure you'll be happy at the end! I didn't want to end up looking any bigger than a big c or small d at the start of my journey either, was worried I would look weird from being pretty flat my whole life and everyone would notice. I decided to just concentrate on the look I wanted to achieve in my normal clothes so tried on the sizers quite a few times and decided to pick the larger size as it looked more proportioned to my body. It's still not a big implant, 360cc and 380cc to correct some asymmetry, but I'm still having my freak outs - is it too big!? Is it too small!? Lol I trust my surgeon and am sure I'm just getting worried due to nerves and the unknown. I will still be around the size I originally thought I wanted to be, but feel good that these are the best "look" and size for me - these implants for my breast width perfectly which is nice! Long story short, I'm sure you will be happy with your choice and it won't be all for nothing. Try and calm those nerves and assure yourself everything will be fine, positive thoughts ? Happy Saturday girls xx
  14. lovejugs

    Boobs in July ?

    Oh lucky you being away for 10 days, I'm in Brisbane and am seeing Dr Phil Richardson in Brisbane also, so I will be without the kids for just the day!! I'll have my hubby home for 3 weeks to help/do everything ? But I know my eldest (4.5) is going to have a lot of questions! I haven't told any of my family I am having this done, so will be in hiding from them for a ps long as possible too haha
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