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  1. I am at this stage too and my PS recommended starting with Pilates. She said this would help with strengthening my core and breaking up any scar tissue from the surgery. Haven't started yet but plan to once Xmas is over.
  2. That's why I recommended Dr Vrtik. She was great at finding a way we could get my private health to cover a lot of the costs. Might be worthwhile checking out? Good luck Dad with 3!
  3. Mine was only $5000 with 2 surgeons and the anaethesist including all follow up appointments and compression garments. I stayed in hospital 5 nights and it was covered by my private health. Go and see Dr Vrtik at North West in Brisbane- she does an amazing job and seems to be one of the cheapest. And good on you for being a great husband!
  4. Another vote for Lily. $5000 which covered everything! That also included another surgeon to remove hernias and insert mesh. Very happy!
  5. Does she have any hernias? That why mine was cheaper. The surgeon used the hernia item numbers to keep the cost down.
  6. I went for my 3 week check up today. Whilst I feel pretty good I was told no long walks, no sitting in a pool(because of the chlorine) and to wait another week before driving. I definitely wouldn't feel up to being back at work!
  7. I'm also 3 weeks post surgery. I had a few friends have the same surgery so I knew about the long recovery and scar. I know the scar fades and we are nearly half way thru our recovery time! I guess the only thing I am concerned about is the lack of shape to my tummy. It is like a box! Stay positive- having your muscles back together will completely improve your quality of life.
  8. I have just had a tt with Dr Lily Vrtik at North west and highly recommend her.
  9. I am currently in hospital 2 days post op. Tummy tuck and hernia repair with Lily Vrtik and Dr Towsey. Total cost after rebate $5000.
  10. Hi everyone! I am finally booked in for a tummy tuck with mesh insertion and hernia removal. I'm booked in with Dr Vrtik and Dr Towsey in Brisbane. Really happy with the cost- $5000 all up! Does anyone have any tips or advice for me? Feeling very nervous!!
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