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  1. Was wondering the same thing. I'll be 6 weeks post op in 1.5 weeks time. What are the rules for breasts with implants. No more sleeping just in pjs? If not post op bra - which is quite tight for my liking - just soft crops are not good idea for sleep time?! And day time - is there rule to have underwire bra?! But how soft or hard cups can be?! So lost in that department because I lived in just 3 heavy padded bras for last year and maternity singlets before that.. ?
  2. I had at gaythorne day hospital. Somehow I didn't have a choice of Southbank one. Otherwise we picked gaythorne because it was cheaper than fortitude valley one and closer than north lakes. Also Dr Richardson does surgeries there on Fridays and the day suited us better - as my husband could look after the kids for first two days post op on weekend. I had a good experience, all nurses were really friendly and caring, anastethist was great too. Got even a gift box from the hospital when leaving:) One thing I expected and was disappointed about - no proper meal afterwards lol I
  3. Hi @Geripix thank you for sharing your story! Your new breasts look amazing!!!! And so much bigger than mine ( I think). Great size for you. I was good at hiding well all three pregnancies, looks like it's the same story with implants... Hiding them well inside??
  4. Hi. I am 3 weeks post op already and thought to share my short journey update for those tall girls like me who are searching photos and sizes and there is almost nothing ! It is so true that the same CC would give totally different results! I am 180 cm (5'11) tall, Width 12, barely A after 8 years of breastfeeding 3 kids and skinny chested. At my first consultation my Dr recommended 380cc for natural look, after second consultation with nurse we decided on 420cc or 460cc ( biggest I could do) to choose on the day of surgery. And with width and size I think both were extra high pro
  5. oh both:) though I'm just 3 weeks post op.. Will need a bra in two weeks time for party... Thought can start with new sports bras with high support to start exercising. Liked those VS ones Bonds
  6. Thank you @Suziet i saw some girls on social media in VS sport bras and liked them.. Last night was browsing and saw high impact bonds sport bras and thought they look nice:) will check playboy - bras'n'things sell them, right!?
  7. Hi girls , where can I buy Victoria's Secret in Brisbane?!? Google search shows only Brisbane domestic airport!?!? Never had fancy bras before - for last year was rotating 3 heavy padded bras I was so happy to find at Myer ( pleasure state) . They were expensive but served me well:) now in 3 weeks time after 6 weeks post op won't have anything but sport bras ?
  8. Good morning:) im on my 6th day post surgery and recovery drives me nuts heheh... bloated pointed tummy even worse than boobs tightness and scars pain. Had no choice but to drive in the evening yesterday and this morning ( older two kids and their school) and felt wasn't ready yet. Have to drive myself to post surgery appointment tomorrow - downside of not telling people about my changes, only immediate family and two close friends who have their own hands full with 3 and 4 kids:) how bad is pressure bra that I'll get tomorrow?!? I have been in sort of soft sports bra/top and its he
  9. Looking fantastic @Shygirl79 !!! there should be a group 37 year olds lol i am also 37yo, 3 kids - 8.5; 6 and nearly 4 year olds. Finally my dream of having boobs come true on Friday
  10. Hello beautiful ladies. had my BA on Friday, all went great and easy. Had it in Brisbane, with Dr Richardson at Gaythorne hospital. I was choosing between 420cc and 460cc and at the end let my doctor to decide for me. Because my chest is very skinny and bony, he said 460cc will look more fake and 420cc will look better with my proportion. So we went with 420cc !!!! Doesnt look big at all... ? Heh but going from nothing I will take any size up lol will try to post the photos soon. Hope everybody is recovering well.
  11. @dreams_do_come_true did you decide on the surgeon? Had my BA on Friday with Dr Richardson. Had a very good experience so far. I went with Gaythorne hospital and staff there was fantastic, very friendly and caring. Sorry cannot share any photos yet, waiting for a few more days to settle down. Good luck, Dr Richardson is taking holidays in early December but had some open dates end of December a couple of weeks ago.
  12. Hahaah thanks @Skye5 gossip will be.. Ideally wanted to do just before the school holidays but my Dr is on holidays that time:) im 180cm tall and 68 kg.. Skinny chested.. Hubby told me to go 460cc this morning?? Gosh, so happy to wear undies? Thank you !!!! Sorry to ask, is there a photo of your job?!? Thank you!
  13. Having BA with Dr Richardson today. His prices range from total $9295 to $9495, depending on the hospital you choose. That includes everything, his fee, hospital and anesthetist. Was recomended him by my GP based on lowest number of infections post surgery.. Also his office is quite central in Hamilton on race course road, nurse Leah was great as well. Cannot comment on his skills as yet☺️
  14. Hello ladies!!! silly question - do you stay in undies during the surgery?!?? mine is tomorrow at 12:30 pm ... It's 1:50 am and cannot sleep. Keep worrying about the sizes, mine are 420 or 460cc. Don't want big but that's what Dr said will better "fill me in", keep searching the photos of same sizes with 12cm width and huge boobs!? But nurse kept saying everybody is different and mine will look different... Oh dear though very excited to start a new life from no boobs to boobs hehee cannot wait to see the relatives and friends checking me out lol school pick ups and drop offs wi
  15. @Natty11 I don't even know what I'm starting with...nothing... As I'm used to buying heavy padded bras...and hence not sure about bra size I want - go by the look. That's why I keep searching the web how the boobs look like after different CC sizes...I might investigate more regarding his matter! Thank you, asked for friendship add!!!
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