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    BA to pump up my deflated post breast feeding boobies
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    Dr Tony Connell 15th of April 2013
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  1. All of these symptoms sound to me like you could be suffering from anxiety, maybe look into that
  2. CBA won't approve you for any type of loan if your account is overdrawn within a year I believe. Also, every time you apply for a loan/credit card , the rejection shows up on your credit report, so be careful with that. I would start saving in your account and try with MAC credit or something like that for your BA loan. also, you need to keep in mind that you need to be able to fund a revision if required, so perhaps waiting a year wouldn't be the worst idea?
  3. The nerves are completely normal but you won't regret it, it was the best thing I've done for myself
  4. I had panadol and nurofen and a script for panadeine forte (which I took for a couple of nights to sleep) this was enough for me
  5. Look on Bendon online
  6. Are you over doing it during the day? I didn't sleep on my side until about 3 weeks PO and even then it was with a pillow under them. It took ages for me to be comfortable sleeping
  7. I think there was another thread like this with heaps of good exercises, but yes, get into the weights they will help a lot
  8. I have not myself but have a friend who has and she was very happy with him, and had a revision through him and was again happy (no fault of his, they were old)
  9. I was up and doing most things for myself the day of surgery, however, looking after my kids was left up to my hubby for about a week. I have quite a high pain threshold and tend to just get things done but I was very careful to follow my Drs instructions because if I had have had any complications I didn't want them to be my fault. It's not that I wouldn't have been able to do it more that it isn't worth the risk
  10. What is that smiley face ha, that was supposed to say b )
  11. I think they're good but if you wanted to id seek out a surgeon who specialises in reconstruction etc. my Dr in WA would be great but I'm not sure who the best is where you are.... With something like that you'd want a surgeon with extensive breast surgery experience and trust that they would be honest with you, by a) not putting you in the 'too hard basket' and not giving you false hope! Honestly though they do have a great shape and look really good
  12. I'm so glad you have had a great result so far lilmonkey, you deserve it I loved Tony, his staff and most importantly my results. I would not hesitate in recommending him to all of you lovely ladies
  13. I agree with the above comment, it is hard to see now but high school isn't everything and in a couple of years things will be very different in your life and you will be able to realise that. Doing something drastic like plastic surgery is not really sensible if you're not in the right frame of mind, a breast augmentation is not a one off surgery and there are many instances where women have to have multiple surgeries due to complications that arise. Go and see a counsellor, you sound as though you have some issues with being insecure and it is better to sort that out now while you're still
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