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    Breast Augmentation
    Got Mentor implants
    325CC and 350CC Moderate Plus
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    Dr Rizk 20.12.16
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    Pre Op : 170/57 kg/ 12B

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  1. For the past year, I have been thinking of getting an implant removal. I haven't had any complications so far, but I've found living with implants annoying. Also, the articles on BII and Lymphoma diseases have created massive anxiety for me. I reached out to my surgeon and the secretary passed on a clinician's letter to say the Therapeutic Goods Administration have proposed to recall Mentor Textured Implants, which incidentally I have. Just thought I give a heads up to others! The TGA has informed MENTOR® of a “Notice of Proposal to Suspend” (Notice) for a period of six (6) months relating to the following products: • MENTOR® SILTEX® Cohesive I / 354-4400 (ARTG 110588) • MENTOR® SILTEX® CPG 334-1304 (ARTG 110589) • MENTOR® SILTEX® Contour Profile Becker 35 Expander 324-1305 (ARTG 110592) • MENTOR® SILTEX® Round Becker 25 Expander 354-8000 (ARTG 130678) • MENTOR® SILTEX® Cohesive II / 324-4350 (ARTG 119809) • CPX4 Breast Tissue Expander (ARTG 226977) • CPX4 Breast Tissue Expander with Suture Tabs (ARTG 226982) Mentor-Letter to HCPs-TGA Notice.pdf
  2. Haha! Don't sneeze.. the absolute worst isn't it? I had a couple of coughing fits during my first week of post op. I went for a massage a couple of weeks after because I found the back pain from sleeping upright, too painful. I went to a thai massage parlour and laid on my back (which again, I knew I wasn't supposed to do, but again - I was in great pain, but I figured one hour on my back wasn't going to do that much damage). She put her hands under my back and did my neck which felt amazing.
  3. I am similar stats: 170cm, 57 kg, B cup. I went for 325 cc and 350 cc. . . that got me to a C cup. My surgeon told me I could go for 400cc, but because I lead a pretty active life I decided to stay with 325 and 350. I think 350 CC will look great. You've got enough height to pull it off!
  4. I do, sometimes. I mostly miss the clothing. I did get a modest size 325 and 350cc - which bumped me from a B to C cup. But choosing my clothes is becoming a bit of a challenge. Anything with a high neckline makes me look 'matronly'. I'm also not used to the staring and gawking of the opposite sex (although, I do enjoy my husband ) . Pretty uncomfortable to me!
  5. My surgeon said I could go up to 400cc.. which terrified me! He said because I was tall and lean, I could pull off the bigger size. I was a 12B and just wanted more volume. I live a pretty active life and didn't want boobs in the way, so I went for a moderate plus 325C 350C. I'm glad I went with my gut. Although, having big boobs is nice, I don't want my arms to keep knocking on my boobs!
  6. Hi guys, I just got a BA done in December! Really pleased with my surgeon (Dr Joseph Rizk in Burwood). I found the researching part a little difficult, but now that I'm on the other side, I wanted to help out other interested ladies. I wanted to post up the different price points that I was generally quoted by different surgeons. Please don't take this as gospel - if you are truly interested in a particular surgeon ask them directly because the price might change. This was quoted during Nov - Dec 2016 for a standard breast augmentation on a 20 something, healthy woman with no issues. Obviously prices change but here are the prices and some very general remarks about the surgeon. All this information was either quoted to me via email, phone or by their website. Hopefully, it'll give you a place to start! Happy hunting!
  7. Hi, I had my BA with Rizk. I've been healing a lot faster than expected. Rizk did say to me that because I was young, healthy and active was why I was recovering so fast. I'm just 2 weeks post op right now. 1. I don't have any pain. My sutures can get itchy at night and my nipples are often erect, but that's about it. Nothing that prevents me from the normal routine. 2. I started driving after I stopped taking my pain meds. I took it for the first day, but because they made me nauseous, I stopped after that and just took panadol. I think I started driving a week after. But to be honest, I could have probably done it maybe 4 days after. 3. I'm a teacher and on holidays, so that's not a issue. But I think a few days afterwards I could have gone back! 4. No regrets. Absolutely. I was really nervous - particularly at how I would be perceived, but mine are very subtle! 5. If you have kids, it might be a bit harder. Hopefully, you have a supportive partner who could take the lead for awhile. I was okay after a week and was babysitting my nephews... so should be okay!~ Hope this helps!
  8. Just had my BA done in Dec. Rizk was great. Highly recommend him!
  9. Hi Ladies, I just had my surgery with Dr. Rizk (back in Mid Dec). Really pleased with the results. He is no longer with Inspire Cosmetics, and has a practice in Burwood. I personally chose him over the other Inspire Cosmetics surgeons because he is a plastic surgeon as opposed to a cosmetic surgeon ( not all the surgeons at inspire are plastics) He is really good at what he does - and he also listens He was encouraging me to go 400cc, but I was really nervous and said that having small breasts all my life, I just wanted a moderate change as I have a pretty active lifestyle and couldn't imagine having bigger boobs. He listened and then gave me 325 and 350cc. So pleased with them!
  10. Hi, I have been thinking of getting a BA done and am looking at several different surgeons (Miroshnik and Ellis Choy are my favourites so far, however they have a more expensive quote). My husband found Inspire Cosmetics who are quoting between 6000-7000. I downloaded the brochure and found that they have four associated surgeons. It looks like two are apart of FRACS and ASPS, but eh other two are cosmetic surgeons and not plastic. Has anyone had work done at Inspire or have had surgery with either Dr. Kahout or Dr. Rizk?? Thank you!
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