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  1. my surgeon fee is $11300, and no not staying overnight. that's for a morning surgery and released early afternoon. Hmm, didn't think about the fee being higher because I'm getting a BA/BL..
  2. my hospital fee is $3000 and my anaesthetic fee is $2750... is that absurd?
  3. Hi everyone How much did you pay for anaesthetic fees? Or were they included in your package? Not sure if mine are expensive or I just didn't have a realistic idea from the start lol
  4. Hey ladies! Booked in for the 15th December with doc Gaffield in Mackay, Qld. I breastfed for a year so I am having a lift and BA. Decided on 450cc on my right and 425cc on my left, high profile under the muscle! Soooooo excited!!!
  5. Had my consult today and I am soooo excited! Going with dr Gaffield at Pacific Plastic Surgery in Mackay, QLD. I'm having a lift and BA. We've decided on 450cc high profile, round implants under the muscle. Booking in for 16th December! Who else can't wait?!
  6. wow, you girls are making so soooo excited! Are you happy with how everything went?
  7. This may be a silly question, but how long do you need to stay bandaged up for?
  8. I am going through Dr Gaffield in Mackay, Qld. He made me feel extremely comfortable in our consult and I have no doubts whatsoever! He answered all my questions thoroughly and I didn't feel stupid asking silly things. Have only heard good things about him!
  9. oh how exciting!! I'm terrified I'm not going to be able to move haha. Do you have photos??
  10. Hi ladies!! I am getting a lift and implants, but am terrified of how sore I'll be after and how limited I will be! Can you PLEASE share your experiences??? be honest!!!
  11. Hi all!! How sore were you for the first week after surgery and what pain relief were you prescribed? What were/weren't you able to do in regards to cooking dinner, taking kids to school, housework, etc?
  12. Hi everyone, I'm new to this site! Love looking through all your journeys. I am booked in for a consult with Dr Gaffield (Qld) in November and planning for my surgery date later in November. This is my second consult with him, last one was a year ago but my finances changed and I didn't end up going through with it. However, now I am! In my last consult, he recommended I have a lift as well as implants, as my breasts are sagging from breastfeeding. He also asked if I wanted to resize my areola, as they totally changed and got quite large when I was pregnant. Is anyone willing to send me photos of before and after of an augmentation and mastopexy with the reshaping done? Would love to see before, immediately after surgery and then once healed.. Thanks for your help!
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