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  1. I am just 9 weeks PO and have just started back doing VERY light upper body weights and legs, have been doing treadmill walks and bike since week 6. I personally don't feel ready to start jogging or running yet, have my 12 week check up on May 23rd and will discuss then. I have piled on 7kg since surgery (shift work does not help), and I am an avid netball player, so am feeling very frustrated. Go with what your PS says and how your body feels.
  2. Hi, so POW 4 and healing nicely. I think they are settling at different rates but I guess that's normal. I've started to get random hard nipples over the last 2 days, can't feel it but can see them. Ignore the redness, I've got dry skin ?? hope everyone is healing well.
  3. Hi, so POW 2, VERY happy so far...
  4. @PHarrison and @mum24 thanks!! I'm quietly happy. @mum24 the itchiness is the worst!! I just kept up with the ice it seemed to relieve it for me, and I'd lightly scratch with my knuckles haha so I didn't do any damage. Hopefully yours settles soon x
  5. Hi, I'm now POD 11 and going well, itchiness has slowed thank god. Arms are healing nicely and the change is amazing. Boobs are doing their thing as far as I can tell, tape etc comes off in a week. Hope you're all going well.
  6. Hey everyone, how are you all going? I had my first post-op appointment today with the nurse, she is VERY happy with how everything is going. I had dissolvable stitches so thats a bonus!! I am itchy AS HELL, but that's a combination of healing, stretching, bra etc. My boobs have started to bruise up rather "nicely" underneath (I bruise super easy), the right has dropped a little compared to the left, but still very swollen and hard. I haven't had pain killers since sunday night/monday morning, just still icing as this seems to help with the itchiness and the swelling and tightness. Arms are also going well, minimal swelling and have some really good movement. Hope all is well
  7. Hi @mum24, yeah feel good so far with the results so the end will be amazing. Pain is minimal, I took Endone at night time just so I could sleep, I didn't really have much pain at all, I am more uncomfy in the rib car area and now my wound sites are starting to itch!!! Sleeping really well, I nap when I feel I need to and pretty much sleep through the night. Hope you are going well x
  8. Ok so above is before and below is after!!! So happy!! No pain relief since 3am, only early but feel great and the results wow!!!
  9. I feel really good surprisingly. I've only taken the endone at night just to sleep, but I'm finding I don't actually need it. I had brachioplasty done too, and that's where I feel my restrictions, my back is itchy hahaha. My swelling started right under my collar bones, but now I can fit 3 fingers between there and the swelling, I'm beyond happy with my results, even this early on. I'm normally a good recoverer, so I'm making sure to get up and just walk around which I'm finding is a great benefit. I'm 157cm, 66kg (10kg of that is excess skin), my BWD was 12.5 I think. I went 425cc unders, full projection but I also had a lift as I looked like saggy deflated balloons after so much weight loss. I did have asymmetry, but the lift fixed that. The staff at the clinic and hospital are fantastic, I'm so glad I went with him! Good luck ?
  10. Hi, I just had my surgery with Dr Perron on Friday, he is amazing!! Cannot recommend him high enough.
  11. Thanks everyone!!! I went in 2 hours later and then took a snappy 4 hours to come too, no issues I just enjoyed the sleep. It's only early but no pain in arms, just the tightness and sore back. I had 2 lots of endone through the night and nothing since 2.30 and feel ok. But I'm hitting the meds as soon as I get a twinge of pain. Ended up staying overnight due to the time I decided to wake up haha. I've been up 3 times to walk around and I'm slower than a turtle but feel good. Hope everyone is doing good. POD 1
  12. Oh boy!! The night before the big day!! Very excited and a little nervous. I am having a BA and BL and also brachioplasty after losing over 60kgs. So below is the before, can't wait to see the after.
  13. OMG I am very excited and nervous!!! Friday is the day!!! I think I am all set with everything. Having my brachioplasty done also, so the soreness will be interesting.
  14. Hi, I am booked in with Dr Justin Perron on 17th Feb for BL and BA. Final consult on 17th Jan and getting very nervous and excited. I am also having my arms done at the same due to losing over 60kg!!! I am getting 425cc round under the muscle. Aleysha
  15. Hi, Dr Perron is FANTASTIC!!!! I was so at ease with him, cannot wait to book my surgeries in. Just an absolutely lovely approach, is quite open and honest about what needs doing and the best approach, but also listens to what you want.
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