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  1. Funny thing is, it's not my dominant side and it's been my sore nerve one:-(
  2. Hi all 3 weeks BA and one breast isn't dropping. One has. Has this happened to any one else and how long did it take to drop?
  3. Hi all 3 weeks BA and noticing sore wound sites. I do have very sensitive skin currently as feeling comes and goes. Is it just that I am feeling it more with that?
  4. I am 3 weeks post op with a 5 month old. I paid baby sitters and hubby tried to help but my kids got sick and I had no choice to pick up and cuddle my baby. The surgeon said whilst it wasn't advisable, he understood I had no choice and just had to go by the pain. I have had a long painful 3 weeks but hubby owns his business and has had to work and my family are interstate. One breast has given me grief and hasn't dropped yet. Hoping it still will. I undestabx your situation, and send you hugs. It's hard. Just find ways to not lift as much and you should be ok.
  5. Dr has given me lyrica (nerve pain meds) and it's eased it for me. I couldn't even lift a cup of coffee or look after my kids properly. I was scared something was really wrong. Is it just that its pressing a nerve and will fix once it drops? Will my breast drop? One has but the sore one hasn't:-(
  6. Hi all 3 weeks post BA and am having most awful pain in left breast. It hadn't dropped yet like my other one and is very tight. The pain I have is a burny, sting pain which Drs say sounds like nerve. It's debilitating and I nearly dropped my baby yesterday at the sudden sharp pain. Dr has given me meds but they either take a while to kick in or are not working. Have ultrasound tomorrow. Has anyone experienced this and will it go away?
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