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    Jan group

    How is everyone going. I am back in perth now and feeling so much better. Just over 2 week post op woohoooo I have lots of brusing and some swelling still but considering Dr Tavakoli corrected my tuberous breasts without scars (most of my work was internal scoring and nanno fat grafting) i think I am doing pretty well. Im still wearing my post op bra which is hard when the weather gets a little hot. Witchery have some really nice loose and comfy t shirts that I have been wearing. Easy to get on because the arms are really wide so you dont need to raise your arms too high to get them into the shirt. Cant believe we all have boobies now
  2. I thought I should come in here and update my thread. I didnt die from the general anaesthetic lol and going under was not nearly as scary as I thought. Dr Tavakoli knew how nervous I was and kept me so calm. He held my hand did not leave my side whilst i went under. He is the most down to earth, caring doctor I have come across. I am just over 2 weeks post op and have some swelling and brusing but omg they look so much better already. Im in love and cant wait to see how they change even more over the coming weeks and months
  3. leelou

    Jan group

    Is it 100% that you will need two operations and if so, does it cost more? Dr Tavakoli never said to me that I needed a two stage procedure. I wont really know what size until in the surgery as he uses intraoperatve sizers but i think around 330cc
  4. how come the filler collects in the middle? i was really thinking about getting my lips done when i get my boobs done but i dont want to look like a duck - good to know they can dissolve it but im such a wimp
  5. thanks so much lovely im having a minor freak out lol
  6. can i join this thread? im having my boobs fixed by dr tavakoli in Jan - im tuberous and am getting fat grafting to fix them? It seems he does lots of fat grafting - does it hurt where they take the fat from? will i be noticably skinnier i that region or is it just a little bit? does it hurt more in the spots its put in your breasts because im getting lots around my nipple area and its bad enough for me getting sore boobs when i get my period lol
  7. Hi everyone, I have tuberous breasts and am flying up to Sydney to have them corrected by the best surgeon ever (im totally biased). Anyway, I am so lucky to have him do my surgery because i wont be getting scars on my breasts (only crease incision) I am really stoked about this but Dr Tavakoli is going to be using fat grafting to correct my ugly deformed boobs. I know theres a tuberous section on here but i havent actually spoken to anyone who has had this method of fixing tuberous breasts _ i did see one he did on snapchat and they looked great but i am more then a little concerned about the pain associated with fat grafting. Who has had fat grafting with their breast augmentation (regardless of tuberousness) does it hurt more? whats the pain like on the area they liposuction? im such a big sook, i know they give you pain killers but i want to be prepared TIA and sorry for rambline
  8. leelou

    Jan group

    Another tuberous girl hi Are you getting the scar all the way around the areola? I have tuberous breasts but dr Tavakoli has said he can fix mine without any scars on my breasts - i am getting lots of fat grafting to make them nice. I am just so excited and relieved that a) theres a name for the hideous looking boobs i have and b. they are getting fixed Phuket is beatiful i went with my boyfriend last year, where are you staying? How exciting, what size are you going? i realy really really want to get a rhinoplasty done and I am going to ask Dr Tavakoli about this when i see him - obvs have to wait a while but my boobs are really my main concern but i am so interested to hear how you go, what your recovery is like etc another thailand girl are you also going to phuket?
  9. Hi ladies, What would you say are the summer time essentials for breast augmentation recovery? I am having tuberous breast correction with Dr Tavakoli in Jan which is the middle of summer - from reading around here it seems lots of people recommend loose clothing - any suggestions for clothing is summer that will hide the post op bra lol plus im getting fat grafting and Dr Tavakoli said i may get some bruising from this - Im hoping its not too hot and i can wear baggy tshirts for a while as i really dont want everyone to know that im having my boobs done - ive been so embarrassed about my boobs since forever and I dont feel like explaining to everyone that i have tuberous breasts and am getting a boob job lol Anyway, here is my list so far - please let me know your summertime post op essentials = Baggy tshirts, found these gems from cotton on http://cottonon.com/AU/p/cotton-on-women/keira-sslv-v-tee/2023762601931.html?region=AU#region=AU&start=1 - baggy singlets with wide straps to hide my post op bra - http://cottonon.com/AU/p/cotton-on-women/maria-tank/9344943528254.html?region=AU#region=AU&start=1 - boomerang pillow for sleeping upright - metamucil (sp?) becasue apparantly your meds back you up lol - straws for drinking - frozen meals ahead of time what am i missing?
  10. wow you look so amazing. I have tuberous breast that I am getting fixed this jan with Dr Tavaokli. What exactly did you have done? I am getting anatomical implants with fat scoring and fat grafting, no lift which i am soooo happy about How has your recovery been? What would you say is the recovery essentials
  11. leelou

    Jan group

    Is there a Jan group I dont know about yet??? Id love to start one. Im Jan 23 with Dr Tavakoli - Tuberous correction with fat graft and scoring Cant wait to get to know you all
  12. Thaks Kate M, there was a girl on his snapchat yesterday who was soo similar to me, she had the same technique im getting too and looked amazing - im getting really excited now
  13. Soooo my boyfriend sent me this article today - http://www.unilad.co.uk/video/this-doctor-snapchats-videos-of-boob-job-surgeries/ Lol some of the comments are so funny but makes me even more excited for my surgery - I really hope he snapchats my surgery lol
  14. Hi all. I had an online consultation with Dr Tavakoli recently and was required to send photos. I always knew there was something wrong with my breasts and that I did not like them but I was relieved to find out that there is actually a deformity. I know that might sound strange but it made me feel justified for being so self conscious of them. Anyway, I found this website after doing some research on tuberous breasts and it has been so helpful. I decided to go ahead and book my surgery for early next year. I could not be more confident with my choice in surgeon, i just love his work. He really is the boob master. So I am flying down from Perth to have my surgery. I was planning on having a consultation here locally but I have decided against it. I will be getting anatomical implants, fat grafting and fat scoring??? Has anyone else had this done? Is it more painful then normal breast augmentation? I am very excited but also nervous because this will be my first time having any kind of surgery. Ive never been under anaesthetic eeek. My beautiful mum is coming down with me from perth to look after me and she has been so supportive. She knows how much this means to me. Thanks for reading and Im looking forward to getting to know you all some more
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