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  1. Wow, love ? What size are yours??
  2. Help please ? Am I the only one to experience such panic & anxiety so close to my op date? Gp has started me on Valium & im 4 days away from my surgery ?
  3. I am 168cms and 74kgs after 3 kiddies. Scheduled for this Tuesday 31st ahhhhhh with Dr Miroshnik. I have only had a ph consult so not sure what size exactly until me Pre op on the Monday but he said aim for 400cc
  4. Thanks ladies, I did email the practice nurse & she thinks I will be fine. Unless I get a chest infection. She did advise to call my anaesthetist first thing in the morn & they will make the final call but she said not to stress. Any anaesetic is a little daunting tho then add in my wheeze ?
  5. Wishing today wasn't a public holiday! I will ring 1st thing in the morning. Such a pain as I'm flying from vic to Sydney but safety before boobs hey. I'm just in a panic today
  6. Hi ladies, I am due to have my surgery in 5days with Dr Miroshnik. I have this horrible wheeze that comes & goes & my gp has just given me a puffer. I'm really worried about having an anaesthetic. Any advice please. Seriously thinking I might have to re schedule?? GP was a bit blarsay. I am super excited, apart from the wheeze! Pic of me now ?
  7. Hi ladies, I am booked for breast augumentation with Dr Miroshnik the end of Jan. I am still contemplating lipo to my thighs. I haven't heard any reports on Dr M and Lipo so am not confident with his lipo skills.
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