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  1. Hey guys! I had my surgery in December 2016 - and I've been having terrible face break outs on my cheeks and jawline. Like large painful pimples! Was this what you guys were experiencing?
  2. @boobsplease - I've just had my surgery with Dr M for tuberous breast correction. Mine are very pointy! I knew they would be like this, but do you think that they will settle and will this take more than a year? He didn't really mention any of this to me - did he say this to you?
  3. Hey @Maddi101 - how are you feeling? Yep all of my nipples and down to my incision are numb. Why do you have drains? Just wondering why some surgeons use them and some don't? I went dual plane too.
  4. @Maddi101 - oh my gosh! I haven't been on here for the last few days as I flew down to Sydney for surgery. I'm actually booked in for 2:30pm today! So just at the hotel waiting now haha! How did you go?!
  5. Hey @rebeccalee - congratulations! Looking fab. 1. Can I ask what size you went? I'm tuberous and about your size too!! 2. Who was your surgeon? 3. Did you get any type of lift done? 4. Are your nipples much puffier than before? My surgeon said that might happen to me.
  6. Oh yay @Maddi101!! Who are you going with?? I'm with Dr Miroshnik in Sydney @Millicent - thanks so much! hope you are feeling better now! i'm really not looking forward to possibly asking my partner to help me go to the toilet - i don't think i could ask anyone to do that! What laxatives did you buy? I'm wondering if I should ask my doctor for some prescription ones! @Haylo*** - thanks! i've got my neck pillow and wheat hot/cold packs ready to go!
  7. @Maddi101 - I'm still waiting! I'm booked in for December 22nd - so next Thursday! Of all the girls that have already had surgery (congrats!!) - is there anything you would recommend to buy, have close by etc post surgery?? What has been the hardest thing so far? Any tips?
  8. DrMGirl2017

    Jan group

    Well, it's not so much a two stage procedure. It's that Dr M has suggested I could push the areolar resizing back to when I get my revision breast implants put in. I wouldn't bother getting my nipples resized until the revision surgery. If he said I'd need it done before then, I would just do it on this first surgery. But he says I don't need to so lets hope it turns out ok! Dr M said I could go between 330cc and 400cc. I'm hoping to go as big as possible but will make sure it's under his judgement. What size are you now?
  9. How are you going with this @Sarosate?
  10. Hey @Kazza - could this be done from day 1 to ensure no constipation? Or is it really only when you are desperate need? Just wondering if I should implement this from day 1 of my surgery to make sure I'm ok haha!
  11. Hey @Missy35 - what is the shower wash you are talking about?
  12. They look great! Will most likely settle into something you love soon - have to get used to them
  13. Oh.. I can't quite remember now - but I think it was just in his story? So it wasn't actually on the page? Maybe I thought it was on his page originally haha!
  14. Good luck @Millicent and @rachel9999!
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