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  1. Hi all! It's been awhile since I have been part of the forum, will try and give a concise summary. Had a breast lift + augmentation in 2016 About 6 weeks post partum in 2019 I developed a seroma. It was thought at the time to be ?? BIA-ALCL but after extensive investigations, this was found to be a misdiagnosis. Had an explantation in 2020, no complications. I have had a second baby since then. Weight loss post partum so almost at pre baby weight. I'm looking at getting a "re lift" now as even though my nipples are in the 'right' position, the skin is quite loos
  2. Hey gal. It's hard to tell for me in these early stages but my sensation appears intact so far! Because of the complex incisions of the lift and augmentation procedure, it is likely sensation will be affected in some way at least initially. Immediately post op and up until two weeks I was essentially numb. At week three I know have sensation again but it does feel a little different. I.e., uncomfortable in the shower with the hot water and if bras graze them the wrong way. I am not too worried myself as I was never incredibly sensitive anyway, but I understand it's definitely important for
  3. Hey hun. I didn't reply initially because my stats are different (163cm/59kg/BWD 11cm). To give you an idea, my lift + implants took me from a small 10c to a 10DD or thereabouts, and my implants were 330cc which are considered small-average implants. From your stats it sounds like you could easily carry an implant above 400cc but it depends on your breast width diameter/ chest circumference, the look you want to achieve and the opinion of your surgeon. He or she will let you know at your consult, it's always best to confirm with them Feel free to friend me also I have some pics.
  4. Wow- even for temporaries those look fantastic! Hard to see without viewing the whole face but totally get de-identifying. That sounds like such a long, uncomfortable process. I'm doing invisalign right now and the filing back/ shaping part is awful! Not necessarily painful jut a really uncomfortable sensation. Adding strong bleach to the process has been a nightmare and to be honest, worse than the pain of my boob job haha. They look like they will be amazing when complete. Can I ask how much it's setting you back?
  5. @Ellabella1 I have no experience with Cosmeditour but I had a lift + augmentation with Dr Richardson and the results are excellent. Nothing but positive reviews here that I have read. if you have a significant asymmetry he will definitely work to correct that and a decent amount of girls will have different sized implants to even them out. Don't worry, he definitely knows what he's doing!
  6. It's really tricky hey! I've read a few conversations on here that sizing can be tough to get right especially since your boobs will change so much in the early stages. My nurse provided me with one at the first post op appointment- the brand was Design Veronique (I think that's the brand name) and it was specific for my procedure. The sizing just went by band size and I ended up with a small. In Lorna Jane bras (which some girls use post op) I haven't changed size. I'm 163cm/59kg/ BWD 11cm with 330cc implants. I wore an XS in crops before and am now a S. I don't know if that helps haha everyo
  7. Hey hun, I'm no expert but I am in the medical field myself and would recommend you have that looked at by a doctor as soon as you can. Some girls have a problem called "spitting stitches", I'm not sure if that's the problem here but it does need to be monitored. Because it's open there's no barrier to infection and the breast tissue is vulnerable at the moment. Are you still on the antibiotics? Can't give any specific advice of course but definitely see someone qualified when you can to have the stitches dealt with or at least the wound covered to prevent infection occurring. Re: the li
  8. Totally relate to all of this! Driving has been harder than expected and involves a surprising amount of pectoral muscle use! I started driving after 1 week but only just down the road to the shops. I wouldn't have been ok to do longer drives and tbh the seatbelt is still uncomfortable and i often hold it away from my chest (which is clearly not super safe). Checking blind spots and changing gears is also tricky, but getting easier. I was absolutely exhausted toward the day 10 post op mark. Like four hour sleeps during the day kind of tired. It helped me to take it down a notch and just
  9. I'm 5"4, 59kg so a bit bigger than you but same bwd (11cm) and I got 330cc round high profile under the muscle (Dr Richardson). I'm two weeks post op tomorrow. I went with the size my PS recommended (he wouldn't go larger) and they are a perfect size for me. I imagine once they have settled they will look natural enough but with the round high profile I didn't necessarily want *too* natural if that makes sense. I'm guessing my post op size will be a 10 D/DD , I started with a small 10c. Absolutely love them, wouldn't want any larger or smaller. In tops they can look quite modest or really cle
  10. @LauraJane I had my lift and augmentation done with Dr Richardson and he has been brilliant. i am just over 1 week post op now, and am over the moon with the results so far. He and his team are incredibly professional and provide excellent care. My result is exactly what I was after- shape, size, position, everything. He will give you the look you are after, whether it's quite natural/modest or big and "out there" (within the limits of your measurements of course). I would highly recommend you consult with him! Although I am sure there are loads of excellent surgeons in Bris. Have also heard
  11. I think they look fantastic and I'm actually super jealous! Mine are 330cc and look nowhere near that big. 3 weeks is early days so don't stress too much yet, they have plenty of changing to do over the months. Did you get rounds or teardrops? I actually thought they were teardrop implants looking at them- very natural shape!
  12. With the symmastia and double bubble risk, Dr R will select the implant size with the least risk of this occurring and it sounds like 330/360 is perfect. I wouldn't worry too much about the Vectra imaging, it's nice to get a guesstimate of what you'll end up with but most girls say their final result looks way different. Mine look way different from the sizers as well (obviously haha). I'm similar to you but a bit bigger, 5"4 and 59kg, size 6/8 on top previously. Had a little bit of breast tissue to begin with (around a small 10c). Breast width distance 11cm so I'm quite narrow across the top
  13. I hope I didn't make him sound grumpy or withdrawn ahah- he is really nice and such a gentleman, just not as chatty as some doctors I know . Not sure of your stats/measurements but 330/360s are a great size! I secretly wanted the 360's but it was a no go for me, he wouldn't do any bigger with my BWD. I love my 330's and on my frame they are full but I wouldn't say big. He does spend a lot of time detailing the risks which is good and exactly what he should be doing- but don't let them freak you out too much, a lot of them are very small risks and only happen rarely. What do you think you wil
  14. @Sonski it kind of made my brows spring up toward the end so the overall effect was lifted. Because with me the muscle in that area usually has a downward pull, injecting it had the effect of relaxing and therefore allowing the skin to lift a little and the edge of the brow. It was great haha- I looked really refreshed. I do have very full cheeks naturally though, which aid in pushing everything up. My injector is awesome and gives really effective but subtle results- nobody noticed I looked different until I told them. Hope you love yours! I am a bit obsessed and thinking of getting some to g
  15. @Wandering Fairy this is so exciting! Make sure you get all your questions and concerned addressed. It will be fun playing with sizes and choosing your new look! I had my post op appointment today, bandages off and am thrilled with how mine look so far. he has done a spectacular job.
  16. Omg I had one on Wednesday- terrible timing hey! Totally relate to that stress. Absolutely- each day you will feel different, the most important thing is you and your health so just take care of yourself first and the rest will follow.
  17. @boobiesforme I'm day 5 now and starting to feel much more human. I am back to very light activities but have friends helping me with housework and any lifting. I got my bandages off today and uploaded some pictures, I think it has been a bit of a milestone for me in that respect. Today is probably the first day I've begun to feel like myself. So far my recovery has been pretty textbook with no issues, but of course everyone will have a different journey. I would imagine administration/ office based work could be ok for you at 1 week, but honestly it depends how your recovery is going.
  18. @Sonski I haven't gone for my second round yet- I'm thinking I won't need quite as much this time around as the wrinkles are definitely less pronounced now. I must have had very active orbicularis muscles because the small amount I had worked amazingly. I reckon I could go 6 months between injections and would be essentially free of crows-feet so it's definitely done the job. If you've got a good injector they will have a good sense of what you need and when to stop. In my initial visit she didn't use all of it, then got me back 2 weeks later for a touch up. When she saw me, she said it ha
  19. @Cupcake85 as far as I know the type of lift required depends on your degree of ptosis (sagging) so from least amount of lift to most it would go crescent lift > benelli/ peri-areolar > lollipop > anchor? In your bio it says you've had a few surgeries, could that have contributed to the reason why your surgeon wants to anchor lift? In any case, I've seen a few girls who have gone benelli when an anchor was recommended and often they are disappointed with their results- the benelli technique does not provide a great degree of lift to the breast, as far as I understand. Trust your sur
  20. @BlingorBA it was so surreal for me right up until I got onto the operating table! But mine happened so quick- consult 15th November, surgery 23rd November. Not really much time to think or panic (but I managed pretty well to work myself up haha). It really depends with dates, I told the patient liaison manager Marie that I was desperate to have it done before the New Year and was free any time. She managed to squeeze me in but otherwise he was booked about 2 months ahead. I would account for that. If you have a sedentary type job (e.g. office based, typing) I imagine you could get away with
  21. @SydGal I've recently started Derma Rolling. Similar concept to lasers, you are basically getting the underlying dermis "wounded" by the derma roller and that is supposed to stimulate collagen production at that level of skin, which in turn should fill in the stretch marks and 'blend them' better into the surrounding skin. I can't speak to its efficacy yet- I've only had one treatment. The nurse recommended 4-5 in total, which I am pretty sure i will do (approximately $200 per session). I was sure I saw some improvement about 2 weeks after the first session (collagen takes time {weeks-months})
  22. @barbalicious40 right??!! Only two days in so haven't seen the full effect of the surgery yet, but omg his work is incredible. So happy I went with my gut instinct and booked with him.
  23. @boobiesforme congrats! How do you feel being on the other side? It was the most enormous relief for me after a week of stressing and panic. Like you, I was in surgery at 2 and home by 5 ish. I have found that keeping on top of my pain relief has been crucial to stay comfortable. I am finding sleeping is really difficult, still figuring out how to get/stay comfortable and pain free. It's a hassle. How do you feel about your new assets so far? @dream it - live it I posted a few pics in my gallery I think you should be able to view them if you'd like to! You will see that they ar
  24. Wow they look fantastic Can I just say you look incredible after two kids wow! We got essentially the same implants but mine were subfascial (+ lift). Hoping they turn out even half as nice as yours!
  25. @Nura yeowch how did you go driving? I've heard the compression bra is actually quite comfortable and soothing for some girls, and they don't want to stop wearing it even after the prescribed length of time. Are you happy with how your boobs are looking? I hate the tummy bloat/ swelling as well it's making me look really thick through the middle! @dream it - live it yours look amazing! So in proportion and natural but still really full. I should put some pics up but with the extra dressings from the lift they're looking a bit awful!
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