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  1. I use moogoo products including shampoo and conditioner and use their oil cleansing as well. I live them all. I also use apple cider vinagr and water as my toner.
  2. Bex, are we able to bring a friend or would that be too weird and uncomfortable?
  3. So glad everything went well for you! Wish I had gone bigger. All the best for your recovery.
  4. Can't wait to meet everyone! So happy my roster worked out this month.
  5. I'm so sorry to hear this and I just hope that you have enough to take your mind off it so that the time can fly! I hope everything works put amazingly and look forward to reading your next story.
  6. I have the marina IUD and I love it. I was on Diane for years since school for acne and I ended up getting melasma (pigmentation) from it so I had to look at something else. I got the IUD and it did bring back my Acne but settled down after a while. The IUD apparently is around 10% of the hormones in the blood stream compared to the pill. My melasma has started to fade slightly too. I haven't ha a period for 18 months and I love it.
  7. You can get it online but I am pretty sure terry white stock it as well. It is so good, not waterproof as such, but you can cry and sometimes go swimming and it stays there, but comes straight off in the shower. They say it 'tubes' the lashes so it comes off in tube looking things but so easily and doesn't leave any marks.
  8. So I just thoughts would do a quick update. I had my one month consult with Dr H the other day and he was very happy with my progress regarding softness and my scars. I have started using the cica care and he said I have healed really well for a month and whatever I was doing to keep doing it, so that is good, but still impatient to get them really squishy and to not see the scars. But mostly I wanted to say that I have always found it hard to find a good fitting and comfortable sports bra even with my old small boobs. I went shopping all day today after reading all the posts and doing my own research on bras. I actually bought from the first store with the intention of returning it if I found something better. The bra I ended up getting was the Berlei ultimate performance crop looking bra. It is nice and smooth from the outside so no seem lines through my gym gear, underwire (sorry to those shortly post op) swivel straps, iPod holder and heart rate monitor holder. The other great thing that I could not find in any others was the little clip thing that can turn it into a racer back. I looked at the triumph one and it was super comfy but the only way to make it racer back was to convert the straps and then it was a massive mission to get it on, crazy. So the Berlei one can do the same with converting the straps, but I leave the straps normal then just use the clip once it's on and it is so easy. Oddly, the 10e was the best fit and looking at it on the bed, it looks like I could use it as a hat! But on, it actually looks nice, it's so hard to find a good looking sports bra. Anyway, this is turning out to be a massive post. I went to the gym and did a dance class which I thought was going to be fairly easy, but it think it was harder than a spin class! Needless to say I was very happy I was super supported! There was A LOT of running and jumping and I don't think they moved at all and didn't irritate my scars. Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know how great I found this bra. It was the only SPF 4 that I could find. The others are 3. It was worth the all day shopping trip. Along with some Lorna Jane and country road!
  9. I definitely second Mirenesse! It is so good.
  10. It is not too far at all. You might be able to walk it. Use the maps function on your phone?
  11. I just left, I had my appointment at 2:15. I wish I had seen you Mrstag! We must have missed by 1 minute! He did say he doesn't have email at the surgery. Weird, I know. Won't be long. Let us know what he says.
  12. Hey miss Mel, sorry to hear that this has happened, I wish I could help. I just didn't want you to be worrying all day because he hasn't gotten back to you. It is a consulting day today because I am going in for my check up. Also he doesn't have access to email at the surgery apparently, so he only can check them when he finishes and goes home. I can ask him if you want!
  13. Hi Pamela, I did have so wing similar and was absolutely devastated. I wrote a thread on it here. I was so convinced he was my surgeon and then he was cancelling on me with only a couple of weeks to go. I was going to call him but he ended up calling me the next day after I sent him a rep,y email the night before. He was worried I wanted perfection and didn't want me to have unrealistic expectations. We cleared it all up, I was still a little worried about seeing him on the day, but it was fine. Apart from having a little bit of a wider gap then I would have liked (I already had a gap and he told me it would be wide and showed me where it would be and I said I was ally with it) and me wanting to go bigger, they are pretty close to perfect. I am very happy. I had four consults with surgeons before I chose Dr H and I am very pleased I did. You should be able to get some pretty cheap flights to brissie and I am sure he will fit you in if you tell him you are worried and confused. I think you should come up. Dr Fleming is free too just to get a second opinion on size and also Dr Paul Belt but he doesn't do Brazilians.
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