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  1. I went with Dr Ong. All good reports here :-)
  2. I am over 5 weeks po now. All good reports here ✌?
  3. @boobiesforme I hear ya! I had to drive from 2 weeks. Luckily my car is 6 speed so skipped 5th all together. Tried to drive hubby's at nearly 3 weeks po and he had to do 5th gear!! Now 4weeks po and still sitting high. Taken a while to get use to the side boob feeling but recovering well. Can do most things now and only pain when I try to run. Can't wait for them to soften and drop!!
  4. I went with the natural look. Only 4 weeks out so still settling but happy so far. My bfs are very natural also. Happy with the treatment and dealings so far ?
  5. I had a week off, office job, under muscle. Didn't really have too much of a problem. Couldn't get the files up high and struggled when my boss piled me up with files (he doesn't know) but all good. Work 5 hours a day. Got dropped off and picked up. My work colleague had 4 days off with her overs and managed fine too. The first few days were the worst for me. Hardly moved off the couch! Day 4 got out and about and that helped the recovery from the sore shoulders etc. Improved heaps each day from then on.
  6. I had mine done 2 weeks ago Tuesday and so far so good!!
  7. How is everyone going? Day 6 and I am feeling human again. Backing off some meds and getting around the house heaps better. Even left the house!! Couldnt sleep last night well. Basically couldn't recline at all without them throbbing so used my neck pillow to get some sleep upright. Hope everyone is recovering well or gettting excited for their surgery!!
  8. Hi Ladies Day 3 post op. Still very tight but starting to get movement in my arms ?? neck is super sore from sleeping like a pretzel and walking like T. rex! Only 4 endone left so hopefully I can stop relying on those as much. Hopefully today is a better day than yesterday. Would love to wash my hair ??
  9. Thanks @boobiesforme not much celebrating but I didn't manage to get out of my pjs this morning! Winning ? Hope you had had a great day yesterday too
  10. So just awoken from night 2. Still very reliant on the endone. Only 9 left eep!!! I got to shower last night. I have pretty bad bruising down one side so that make sense why I can't move my left arm much at all. Boobies looked horrible! Can't wait for them to drop and settle in. Another day of rest for me as today is also my birthday! ? Fingers crossed i start to feel better soon. Hopefully everyone is doing ok and will be able to share their stories soon. ?
  11. Hi all i got out of hospital yesterday at about 5:30. Not feeling too bad if I stay on top of the meds. Can't move my arms too much but the pain is bearable. Torn between wanting to take a shower and a look and just wanting to stay in my pjs all week ?. Fingers crossed I can move a bit more later tonight so I can shower
  12. Anyone been with him yet? I am booked for tuesday. My bf had hers done 2 years ago and loves him!
  13. Hi everyone I am booked in for Tuesday 8th ?
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