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    - Breast Augmentation (Dual Plane under the muscle)
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    Dr Tavakoli 07/02/2017
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  1. Hi I had my surgery with Dr Tavakoli in 2017 and I am pretty pleased with my results. If anything, he was trying to convince to go smaller than larger - I asked for 400cc and he advised he would not go any larger than 390cc. I ended up with 330cc/360cc and I am very happy with the size as I think it matches my body. My friend that came with me found him to be perhaps a little abrupt in the manner that he spoke but I found him to be very pleasant - I guess it depends on whether you naturally gravitate to certain personalities or not. In saying this I will be upsizing at some point and ch
  2. Hey hey, I am from Canberra and a few of my friends have had various breast procedures by dr. Taylor. My comment on his work would be his incisions are not as small as what they should be. His scarring is often quite noticeable and large and I have had a friend that lost her nipple after recently having a breast reduction with him. However, in saying that I have seen some very nice results but I wouldn’t personally take the risk with him. When I had my BA I drove from Canberra to Sydney and went with dr tavakoli and I have had no regrets... I wasn’t satisfied with any of the surgeon
  3. I think I’m just so impatient and I want to know now lol... I’m hoping on changing to overs because of muscle flex on one side but I’m worried I keep looking at goal photos that are unders thanks for the reply
  4. Hey everyone, not sure if I’ve got this question in the right section of the forum but here goes i have my consultation booked with dr eddy on October 26th for an upsize and I’ve become obsessed with Chloe Khan’s boobs! I’m currently under the muscle and I have this feeling she has overs and I don’t want to go into the consult asking for this look and getting a shock (kinda leaning towards changing the placement at this stage). I know she has 1200 cc done by dr Singh in the UK but I just wanted a bit of a valued judgement from some of the girls who have had large implants about whether y
  5. Hey Andrea I have the implants your surgeon wants to use. I started with a fair amount of breast tissue (C cup) and I would describe them as firm when I’m standing up and between firm and hard when I’m lying down. I don’t find they look weird at all when I’m lying down - it’s definitely slightly different but they retain the shape of the anatomical implant. However, they are definitely more fake looking lying down. My implants are very sub muscular and are a low dual plane two pocket so I think a lot of the hardness when lying down in the muscle extending and tightening over the implant, not
  6. I'm upgrading to roughly 700-800cc hopefully Yes the end result is always much better! I have absolutely no regrets about mine, I hope you're just as happy with yours in the end. I actually avoid chest exercises at the gym anymore I'm too frightened lol. My surgeon advised me to never do any pushups or chinups so I go one step further and try not to train any upper body exercises that might train my chest secondarily If you can't find them just send me a message and ill see if i can find some before photos as well
  7. Hi Tori I had my first BA in 2017 with a in Sydney to fix my asymmetry and I am quite happy with my results. Mine was a little different from yours, I had an accident and broke a few ribs when i was 15/16 and over the course of a few years I found the breast on that side had a slightly different projection than the other... I was not bothered by this until I started weightlifting in the gym which caused a fairly significant asymmetry. My left breast actually sat about 2cm higher than my right and was about a cup size smaller when i was at my leanest. When I went for my consult I w
  8. Thanks for the reply I’m not really looking at anything over 1000cc as I’m very small but I would like to go very big for my size. I’m a bit dissapointed he doesn’t do the internal bra I’m thinking I might start looking at Dr Revis in Florida.
  9. Hey everyone! I posted a little while ago about wanting to go bigger and I decided to go with Dr Eddy Dona I’m leaning more towards wanting overfilled implants (like the Danielle derek look), does anyone know if he would be prepared to overfill a mentor implant? I’m also curious as to whether he uses an internal bra technique as that’s what I currently have and I’d like to keep it. Thanks!
  10. Hi babe I'm about to have an upsize with Dr Eddy myself. Most plastic surgeons require a referral from a gp just to make sure you're of good health to undergo the procedure. It is most definitely worth flying down to Sydney to see him in person for a consult, consultations are a totally different experience than dealing with reception staff. In saying that, his receptionists all seem lovely, maybe give them a call instead so it's easier to explain? Also, you should definitely tell your parents at some point... I had my boobs done at 19 so I totally understand! My mum is very conservative and
  11. I have teardrop high profiles in currently i had them done with dr tav and I 100% recommend him they're great I am very very petite, I'm curious to see how big I'll be actually be able to go
  12. Hi Everybody, I'm wanting to upsize my current 380cc to something much larger. I'm currently a 10DD/10E but my breasts are too natural looking for me personally. This is going to be a bit of a controversial one because of how fake looking I want the boobs to be. I've fallen in love with a photo of a set of boobs on a girl with my build and a similar shape to her boobs (I've attached it). I've also attached my current photos. However I'm struggling to find a surgeon who would be happy to do that size. I'm also wondering if they are over or under the muscle? If anyone could give me a recomm
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