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    kimba14 reacted to sabP in Cosmetic Surgeons responsible for 73% of ALCL cases   
    Thank you for sharing this article - both enlightening and reassuring re Plastic Surgeons as opposed to cosmetic surgeons!!
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    kimba14 reacted to chrissy007 in A bit concerned   
    I have a couple of lumps since my implants and after an ultrasound it turned out to be cysts. Best to get checked out xo
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    kimba14 reacted to Cupcake85 in Being tested for anaplastic large cell lymphoma   
    Results are in - cancer free! So relieved. 
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    kimba14 reacted to I HaveBoobs in Drug Use After Boob Job   
    I'll second the wait a few more weeks before you have a drink or a smoke (no judgment honestly ) but did you know that alcohol dilates  your blood vessels and thins the blood which can lead to a hematoma  (intern bleeding ) , i know you feel good at the moment and believe me when i say i did i had no pist op pain had full use of my arms ect ect, but you just had major surgery and your incisions are not yet healed,  ask yourself this question do you really want to risk $8-10 K you sust spent on your perfect set of boobs . Whats a few more weeks to allow your body the best chance to heal , and to add if your smoking pot (or be using something else ) but you are putting toxins i  your body while it is working very hsrd to repair the damage/trauma caused to it by having syrgery and it reduces the oxygen in your blood cells that is needed for new tissue growth. Not trying to preach just stating the facts ☺☺
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    kimba14 reacted to pink butterfly in Drug Use After Boob Job   
    Your body is doing a lot of healing. I went back to work after having 2 weeks off, and that first week back at work really knocked me around. I didn't touch alcohol for a few weeks mainly because I wasn't craving it. At the moment, my advice to you is to make the best and healthiest choices to give your body a chance to heal. Maybe leave the alcohol and drugs for another month? Or as you said leave it for a couple of weeks but maybe go lightly with it first?
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    kimba14 reacted to Lynxuskitten in Wanting Bigger implants +700c in perth   
    So a small update.
    I have a consult with Cary kailis In Perth today at 3pm. I'm going to push for 900s but will settle for anything over 700 providing my measurements are ok.
    I followed @donatella and her journey with dona and I'm so excited that mine is also started to fruit.
    I'll update after consult
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    kimba14 reacted to AvaAce in Chloe Khan - overs or unders?   
    Hi Kimba14
    Im also curious and asked my local friend surgeon for you and he said they overs for sure as you cant stretch the muscle over that size implant. Hope that helps.
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    kimba14 reacted to Katewell in I want them removed   
    there's always a good reason to have them removed ! It's great your happy but there are people who haven't had the experience you have and I would think that's it's gotta be pretty bad for someone to think about having them removed ! Not anything you would just wake up and decide to do , pain factors maybe or cosmetically they don't look right maybe aswell , I know mine were excruciating and having them in was causing me a loss of income and a sex life aswell all in my first year of marriage too ? Sometimes out great experiences are not someone else's and all surgery carries risks and infavoursble outcomes . Each to there own I support girls who want them and girls who don't as I have been both and I know there's no easy answer to it it really is a personal one and need to support either one as both are life changing
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    kimba14 reacted to rad1977 in I want them removed   
    Hey Realme, I just had my BA surgery on Wednesday.  A decision I did not make lightly and I did research the risks involved. But I decided it was something that would help me with my self-esteem and confidence, especially being a busy mum of 2 and I never do anything for myself ! (call it vanity if you will)... anyway I'm sure most ladies would agree the first few days after surgery are tough, I could have done without your negative comment on the pictures I posted. Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but not sure why you are on this forum ??? To put others down ??
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    kimba14 reacted to efmxoxo in My experience with Dr. Revis!   
    So I have returned from having my breast revision done 3 weeks ago by Dr. Revis over in the US. Let me tell you, he did the most AMAZING job, completely exceeded my expectations. 
    After going to consults with 4 other PS in Sydney I still didn't feel 100% with any of them. I nearly booked in with Steven Liew but at the last minute, looked into Dr. Revis. I put the idea to my partner and once he was on board that was it. 
    I emailed Dr. Revis a long email with photos about my complications, fears and what I'd ultimately like to acheive. He responded within a few hours, and it was so extensive and detailed. I was so so impressed, even though he was so far away, I thought he was better than any surgeon here in Sydney. 
    He quoted me $10750, which was around $14000 AUD. This included everything, so doctors fee, hospital, garment, anesthetist etc. 
    He did a bilateral capsulectomy, internal bra with permanent sutures, implant exchange from 375cc furry Brazilians to 800cc Mentor smooth high profile silicone and a donut mastopexy. So a lot of work, but as soon as I met him I knew he was the doctor for me. 
    All I wanted since the moment I had my first breast augmentation all those years ago was nice cleavage. I have always been told that I would never be able to have cleavage due to me having a very wide gap, but Dr Revis said he could give me to 1 finger gap I wanted. And he did!! I still can't believe it. 
    We went on holiday to LA, Las Vegas then finally ended the trip in Miami where I had the surgery. Recovery was amazing as I was sitting poolside in the sun. 
    I had my pre op on the Thursday, surgery on Friday then post op the following Tuesday. After the post op we flew straight back to Sydney. Once your finished surgery you are given his mobile to call anytime of day. You can also email him and he is guaranteed to respond within 1 hour (not even a joke). He is a man who lives and breathes his job. 
    The pain wasn't as bad compared to my first augmentation, even with the internal bra. I have started massage and using the scar treatment. He has made them look perfect and there will be hardly any scarring. I cannot stop looking at them. 
    I know alot of the girls on here talk about going to see him, and I have to tell you... It's 110% worth it. I finally have the boobies I have always wanted.
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    kimba14 got a reaction from Rarrar087 in Dr Alistair Taylor - after people's experience   
    Hopefully you find a surgeon you click with very soon  it’s a bit of a process 
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    kimba14 reacted to Moderator in Rastogi vs M: my heart says one but my head says another. Help me choose!   
    Most surgeons will offer you another implant option, jsut because that is their preference -  they can easily call and order a different variety - why dont you call and ask
    I think it is incredibly important to acknowledge your gut feelings about things. You want to feel comfortable enough with the surgeon you choose that they will be there for you if and when things go wrong and believe me they do, not just for cosmetic surgeons but also for plastic surgeons.
    If ALCL is a concern, you might consider a smooth implant as there have been no incidences of ALCL with a smooth implant ever.
    If anatomical shape is a high priority but ALCL is a concern, you might look at Motiva implants which are designed to take an anatomical shape with time and move more naturally with your body - they are silk surface texturing which means they act like a smooth implant.
    Anatomical implants are very firm, by design - they need to hold their shape so in turn, they dont have the most natural feel.
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    kimba14 reacted to sabP in Dr Alistair Taylor - after people's experience   
    Good luck with it hun and keep us posted, hope you find the right surgeon for you soon xo
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    kimba14 reacted to HarperHen in Was it worth it?   
    Although I'm getting them out I don't regret my breast implants. They were worth the money and pain for the years I enjoyed them. I probably should have got them removed a few years ago, but life is too short for regrets 
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    kimba14 reacted to LaurenT in Unsure about sizing :(   
    There are plenty of talented cosmetic surgeons around. For each good cosmetic surgeon there are probably 10 terrible ones. The main issue here is a cosmetic surgeon should not be recommended for someone undergoing not only a revision, but a revision with previous complications. 
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    kimba14 reacted to Mumma_S in Revision Melbourne help   
    I can’t help you with advice on Mark but I do know that as of 1st November the Medicare item number rules are changing. I had approval for a lift under item 45558 and was booked for November 20. I received a letter advising that I had to have surgery prior to 31 October. When my PS rooms spoke to Medicare they advised that the rules around the item were changing and that you would no longer need approval from the Health Insurance Commitee, approval would be at the discrestion lf the PS however they would need to provide proof upon an audit. 
    As as far as saving the $6k goes, @Tori14 is correct in that the rebate is under $1,000 however the extra $5k savings is if you have private health. Because it is deemed a medical procedure, you health insurance covers the cost of hospital and implants. 
    Maybe ask marks rooms to further investigate the rule change because my PS’s rooms only new about the changes in the rules once they got in touch with Medicare. Initially they were just sent a letter stating all surgeries with item 45558 approval had to be performed by 31 October. 
    Hope this helps. 
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    kimba14 reacted to I HaveBoobs in Chloe Khan - overs or unders?   
    I personally don't have large implants but they look like overs to me, maybe  @donatella may be able to also provide some feedback as well. Her boobs look amazing btw. (Chloe Khan) 
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    kimba14 reacted to donatella in 800cc. 20 feb 2017 dr eddy dona ???   
    Hey guys thank you all for your private messages I will get to each and every one of them shortly but thank you for remembering today, how lovely you all are ?
    Consult went great, my BWD is 13.5 (I actually never knew that after all these years ?). I can get 800cc in eurosilicone which has a base of 13.5 and it's the most compact lil implant I've ever seen!  But it will give me epic cleavage all the time which is what I want ?
    So plan is to see the orthodontist next week then book all my procedures in ASAP. He says I can be back to work in a week which is good for me.
    my tits and teeth 2016 is falling into place ?
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    kimba14 reacted to donatella in 800cc. 20 feb 2017 dr eddy dona ???   

    So dona won't be getting 800s anytime soon it seems.

    I had my consult with dr Richardson last nigh who was bloody awesome and basically told me I would look awesome with more CCs however mine are looking pretty good now and the complication rate for XL are pretty high. He said the weight of the implant weighs on the bottom of the breast over time and thins it out and eventually I would need reconstruction to fix the tissue. He said they would look good for a few years then start to look average.

    He is the second reputable plastic surgeon to tell me my boobs look great now and not to play with what's not broke.

    So basically my only option in my eyes is to see dr revis is Florida who is fluent in XL and does a built on permanent bra with sutures to hold the implant so the above doesn't happen. I'm not desperate now I'll leave be unless I come into some money in the next 12 months then I might fly over and make it happen lol
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    kimba14 reacted to misstons in Unsure about sizing :(   
    I really advise watching the four corners program. It speaks a lot about people choosing budget surgery with cosmetic surgeons and then complaining that they are botched. (Wonder why)
    Whilst it’s your choice to put your body and life into someone’s untrained hands.... don’t you think after experiencing the issues you have that you would make a wise decision and do it the right way and seek someone who has experience?
    Once upon a time I was naive too, cheap surgery sounds good right? WRONG. 
    Now I actually value my life..... and breasts. You should too.
    A plastic surgeon can help you with sizing to ensure your desired outcome. 
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    kimba14 reacted to pink butterfly in Survey for girls with anatomicals.   
    I found by 9 months post op my boobs finally had some jiggle and were softening. I then noticed another change at 18 months post op. I am now 4  years post op and they are more squishy. But they will never be like natural boobs...…..cos they are fake. They are still firmer than natural boobs...…….but my husband never complains about them.  
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    kimba14 reacted to sabP in Survey for girls with anatomicals.   
    Hey lovely - for sure I can push mine together easily (I'm now 8 months post-op), could do so from around 4 months I think. They are definitely more squishy too. Still firm, but with definite squish if that makes sense. I know @I HaveBoobs will confirm and can tell you her experience too.  So, yours will get to squish level soon, but the underlying firmness is great as it keeps them looking nice and perky and younger
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    kimba14 reacted to Kinekla in Having implants removed due to complications   
    Hi to everyone who has followed this epic saga for a year now. I had my revision BA on Tuesday with Dr Eddie Cheng (he works out of the Wesley and I highly recommend him). Surgery went well and I went home that day feeling ok. Had a massive vomit that afternoon when I got home but figured it was just all the anesthetic and drugs in my system. Felt ok the first morning but by the afternoon I was vomiting uncontrollably. I couldn't even keep my anti nausea medication down or even a sip of water. After twelve hours of feeling like I was dying (vomiting every hour with fresh incisions and getting no pain relief down is not something I'd recommend) we raced off to emergency. Drip in to control the nausea and vomiting, fluids and some good pain relief. Turns out I can't have endone and once we fixed this I turned the corner. Had my post op check up with Dr Cheng on Friday and we are all really happy with the results so far. Still lots of swelling to go down and they are sitting very high but overall they look great and I'm looking forward to them settling into place. Due to the explant and mastectomy and my subsequent 10 kilo weight loss from being so sick we had to go under the muscle this time as I'd lost all my natural breast tissue, so the look and feel of them compared to my previous implants is very different but I'm happier so far with these results (except the initial pain of going under. muscle was greater). I'm day five now and no pain at all in my breast (unless I over stretch or turn suddenly then I feel a slight twinge), but the pain in my back has been excruciating, especially my poor kidneys trying to flush all the drugs out of my system and I had some not so lovely bloating (about four kilos worth and it didn't just come up as a swollen belly I had weird lumps of fluid all up and down my sides, I looked like a caterpillar).  I'm still paranoid about infection and complications but I feel much better with my choice of PS and that I'm in safe hands so fingers crossed I'll be posting some nice new boobie photos soon
    On a side note the man I had started dating a week before I got sick and needed the mastectomy didn't leave (even though I told him to run a mile as it was too soon to be lumped with all of this). He stuck around, nursed me back to health and now we are engaged. He definitely was a keeper
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    kimba14 got a reaction from I HaveBoobs in Intro and teardrop / anatomical firmness question   
    Hey Andrea  I have the implants your surgeon wants to use. I started with a fair amount of breast tissue (C cup) and I would describe them as firm when I’m standing up and between firm and hard when I’m lying down. I don’t find they look weird at all when I’m lying down - it’s definitely slightly different but they retain the shape of the anatomical implant. However, they are definitely more fake looking lying down. My implants are very sub muscular and are a low dual plane two pocket so I think a lot of the hardness when lying down in the muscle extending and tightening over the implant, not the implant itself - so yours might be a whole lot softer depending on the placement
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    kimba14 reacted to MrsGreatfull00 in Anyone bought Freddy jeans???   
    Hi forgot about my post here sorry! I can update you and say I LOVE these pants! I went ahead and bought two pairs (Black and Blue Denim) and they are the comfiest pants ever I live in them! Similar feel to a gym pant very stretchy but stylish to wear day to day or dress up for occasions.
    The only ‘negative’ I would have is the waist band isn’t as tight as I would like. It has specially designed silicone in the band but for me doesn’t do much extra for support or slippage. 
    But 9.5 our of 10 and I’m normally very critical! I hope this helps someone ❤️
    Hi forgot about my post here sorry! I can update you and say I LOVE these pants! I went ahead and bought two pairs (Black and Blue Denim) and they are the comfiest pants ever I live in them! Similar feel to a gym pant very stretchy but stylish to wear day to day or dress up for occasions.
    The only ‘negative’ I would have is the waist band isn’t as tight as I would like. It has specially designed silicone in the band but for me doesn’t do much extra for support or slippage. 
    But 9.5 our of 10 and I’m normally very critical! I hope this helps someone ❤️
    @Sabrinajade that’s unfortunate you didn’t like them and the customer service was poor! Shows everyone can have different experiences. I’ve had mine for close to a year now and have put them in the wash so many times and love the way they spring back. So no lack of quality on my side. I hope you can pass yours on at least to get some coin back!
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