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  1. I know my surgeon said it was not an option to not have someone there for the first night and that they can get an over night nurse for me if needed. I had a friend staying with me. I would have survived by myself as I was very lucky to not have any problems with anaesthetics and I have a very high pain threshold but I still feel it was good to have her there to remind me to change the ice bags and take my meds. You can be unlucky and feel really sick after your surgery and be in lots of pain so I would not risk being by yourself. Plus it's mainly to make sure you are ok and able t
  2. They probably should have given you a more in depth explanation so your not lost guessing. I think their surgeons are only cosmetic and their procedures are limited to certain standards that makes them straight forward. The only way they can offer surgery so cheaply. I think it's a bit more complicated to fix uneven or tuberous breasts so that is probably why they suggested you see a plastic surgeon over their cosmetic ones ( they have more training) . See the good thing in it: they were honest and didn't just try to get the job and make the money. I can recommend Dr Richardson
  3. Let's talk exercise: In just short of 5 weeks post and next to a 40 minute walk and some home leg and butt exercises (mainly lunges and squats) im itching to start yoga again. What were you told? I'm aware not to do any poses that use my chest like downward dogs and planks and stuff but would leg based yoga exercises be ok? I don't feel pain but a bit of tightness in my right cheats muscle after doing donkey kicks and standing on all four for a little while. Is that just normal or shall I rather stop? My surgeon said leg stuff is fine so not sure. what are you up too?
  4. I had that and it was so annoying as I wanted to scratch but I don't have feeling everywhere so was worried that I scratch too hard and won't feel it. It went away after a good week. It's the skin stretching so you can't do more then moisturise and maybe some ice if it's really bad.
  5. Can anyone explain to me what fluffing is duppoded to be? I'm clueless,
  6. I stopped any cheats exercise as well before my surgery to loosen the muscles as I hoped it would aid a quicker recovery. I was lucky and had no pain and they sit very nice for 4 weeks post. totally recommend what you are saying.!
  7. I'm sorry to hear that. I think i am really lucky with pain as I could lift my arms up over my head right away and don't have problem. The only thing I noticed is that I can feel the muscle stretch when I lift up my arm and I struggle with pushing heavy things (went to the playground and tryied moving one of those spin thingies) and it feels weird to engage the chest muscles. No pain just a weird feeling.
  8. I browsed through eBay and not quiet sure how they work. I noticed they are quiet expensive but it says you can reuse them? Am i looking at the correct product?
  9. Thats fantastic. I was wondering when to stop taping the scar and start applying scar treatment. I got a silicon stick and bio oil. Where do you get the sheets?
  10. I didn't change anything as my PT said there isn't point in doing so. The first days I didn't even feel like eating and then again it doesn't matter as you aren't allowed to use your upper body - not just your chest - muscles at all for 6 weeks. Just eat normal. What stays stays, what goes goes. There isn't much you can do. Got to bite the bullet and start slow from scratch again.
  11. I was a b cup and had 360cc and I'm a dd so i would say you should get an e cup out of that. In your current bra size what is your band size?
  12. Wear them for the next 3 days after surgery (not counting surgery day). I was told that if I should go outside it's ok to not wear them as I'm moving but to wear them when you are at home especially laying down. I actually wore them for a good week (3 days all the time and the rest only at night).
  13. I don't think hairspray will be an issue as you get a hairnet anyway. I would wash it again so you get an extra fresh dacoit obit in case you are unlucky with pain and struggle to wash your hair. Not nevessarygir surgery though.
  14. Savage X-ray &mri dr. Joe savage 16 doggett street fortitude valley 0738541088 www.savagexray.com.au that is who my surgeon recommended.
  15. See if your surgeon can recommend a place that bulk bills. If you are in Brisbane I can recommend one it you will need a transferral.
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