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  1. @Haylo*** I hope they heal quickly for you. I get my tape off tomorrow and I'm a bit nervous to see what's going on under there. It looks like I have a few little pimples under the tape and they are a bit sore - probably from my pores not being able to breathe for three weeks. I bought a few bralettes ages ago and took some pics before my BA so I could compare the difference in how I fill them out. This is one comparison pic - definitely filling it out a little better now.
  2. I have a friend who split her procedures she had a BL about 3 months ago and will be having her BA next year some time. I think my recovery from BA has been pretty easy in comparison to her BL recovery so I imagine both together would be pretty full on.
  3. Good luck for your check up. Are they opening up just for you? I'm not back till 11th to get the tape off.
  4. Hey @kelly1992 how's your swelling going now?
  5. What a difference one week and quite a bit of $$$ makes.
  6. @kelly1992 wow! Certainly does sound like a stressful day but I'm glad they are on top of it. Hope the band works well (and quickly) for you. Make sure to keep us updated. You have officially convinced me to take it easy - as hard as that is with 4 kids and a stressed out husband at Christmas time. It's just not worth the risk. The below pic is of my swelling yesterday - felt like I had water balloons in my love handles esp on the left side. It seems to be moving down even further today into my pelvic area so I'm resting, icing and drinking loads of water as well as parsley tea with lemon to encourage the fluid to move on. im hearing u guys with the numb nipples @Maddi101 which is really strange for me because my boobs feel so similar to when they were engorged with milk when I first had my babies however back then my nipples were cracked, bleeding and PAINFUL plus I still had to feed from them. I prefer the numbness but hope the feeling comes back eventually ?
  7. @kelly1992 how did you go with your swelling? My boobs aren't anywhere near as swollen now. I think they may be about half the size already. But the fluid seems to be traveling down my body and sitting around my hips and tummy. It looks weird and feels even more weird. Pain in wise I have been fine and have just been on panadol for a few days but overdid it with the housework yesterday and paid for it last night so I was glad to still have the stronger tablets still on hand. The muscle relaxers have been the best thing ever. Especially in the mornings and when I have overdone it I took one yesterday afternoon and about an hour later I unexpectantly had quite a few visitors (not many of whom knew what I have done) thank you diazepam - my usual anxiety in such situations was literally non existent I was ridiculously calm. I hope everyone is ready for tomorrow. This little elf may struggle a bit to stay awake for the present delivery this year. My husband is never any good at staying up after the kids on Christmas Eve So I might have to make sure I have a nanna nap at some point today. @rebeccalee I hope you are on the mend now and I hope everyone else is doing well. Wishing you all (and your new boobies) a Merry Christmas Eve ?
  8. Yep dual plane 330cc. I have been sleeping on the recliner in front of the TV. I think I'll stay out here for at least another few nights.
  9. My before and after pics. Taken the night before and about 10 hours post op
  10. Thanks @anna6 I still can't believe I actually went through with it. I have had 4 babies myself so the full/engorged feeling doesn't bother me and my skin is pre-stretched. But the muscle aches are pretty annoying. I have made myself up a schedule now for my meds and will make sure I have them at exactly 6 hour intervals for the next few days. By the 6 hours I'm ready for them anyway you can tell when they wear off. The nurse told me on the phone today that days 2 & 3 are the worst so to keep up the pain meds. I'm definitely more sore and swollen today. The meds make me super sleepy so I'm glad the kids aren't home until tomorrow night.
  11. Good luck for tomorrow! Post op pain wasn't/isn't too bad at all. Just stay on top of your pain meds once you leave the hospital. My op was yesterday and I took my meds at about 11 last night. When I woke at 6am I was in pain - just really sore muscles like I had done a few hours of intense chest exercises. I will be setting my alarm tonight to make sure I'm awake to have them on time.
  12. Hello from the other side! I'm actually shocked at how good I feel. Still can't believe it's done. Dr M went with 330 dual plane implants. They look biggish now and a bit swollen but I think I will be happy with the size ? hope everyone is doing well.
  13. I got mine yesterday and my op is Tuesday. I have endo so it's not a comfortable time for me either especially without Nurofen. I'm hoping to be all but finished by Tuesday but I'm sure it will still be hanging around. I will have to ask my PS about it in Monday just for a little more embarrassment after I stand there with my top off ?
  14. Yeah I am still waiting - 6 sleeps to go! My face to face consult is next Monday and BA on Tuesday so I till have no idea what size I will be getting. During the phone consult Dr M said it will likely be between 290-370 depending on my skin. I breastfed all four of my babies for 14 months each so my skin has taken a fair beating I will need enough to fill it out but not so much that my skin will struggle to support.
  15. Do you drive an automatic or a manual @Excited33? I am really worried about driving. Hubby is off until the new year and that will be around the 2 week mark for me so I will be able to survive till at least then but I will have all the kids on holiday and they will want to go places but I have a large manual 4x4 which is like driving a truck. I am pretty sure I will be having dual plane so I am a little worried I will be too sore to change gears. how did your post op appointment go today @rachel9999?
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