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  1. I'm willing to take that risk and still go with large implants, I want at least 480cc if not bigger. I am liking Dr Dona, do either of you know how much he charges?
  2. Great video. So dual placement would work better if you need to have your creases lowered ? Because dual plane prevents formation of double bubble, that you would get or are more likely to get when having creases lowered? Does dual plane placement result in a more rounder more augmented look in the end?
  3. Thanks babe, is it possible to have a nosey through your pics?
  4. That is a large implant to have over the muscle.
  5. Thanks ladies I will try my luck, I need it done before Xmas.
  6. Hi ladies ?? I am in search of a good plastic Surgeon in Brissy, any recommendations and photos would be great and I am thanking everyone in advance. ? I plan on taking this big step this December if I am lucky to get a spot. ?
  7. If you want obvious upper pole fullness you need to go with extra high profile and bigger implants. This is what I've been told at my 2 consultations last week.
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