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  1. Sam Cunneen highly recommend...im 7 weeks post op and they're perfect!
  2. Im 3 weeks post op with dr cunneen...so so so happy with my results. Im moving back to vic but would still make the trip back to the west for future surgery with him. His team are awesome...jo is lovely and so helpful. ?
  3. Im also excited but nervous...im trying to fight off a cold i just caught from my little one. But got 9 days to shift it. Consult next monday to confirm size. They've ordered me 2 sizes 345cc and 390cc. Im thinking the 390cc and going under will loose volume. Take care post op's ?
  4. Hello fellow feb BA. Kids...flights...work etc organised and Im booked in 22nd February with dr cunneen in perth...cant wait! But probably like everyone just feeling bit anxious about tbe recovery. Im still deciding on size 355cc or next size. Teardrop and having a ptosis correction.
  5. Looking forward to sharing ? im worried about the recovery and how i will go sleeping on my back, but will be worth it.
  6. Im very excited all booked in for the 22nd feb. I have a further consult with him on the 20th and they're ordering 355cc and the next size up for me to try.
  7. Thanks so much for your response. Im in a size 8 tops...do your size impact on pre op size? Dr cunneen was lovely. Im in karratha so trying to juggle the timing for the op as i need to remain in perth for 10 days. Also if ur comfortable could u send me a pic of yours...im pretty much the same height and weight as you. Thanks again
  8. Hi im new on here but after some advice on sizing for breast aug. I've had my consult with dr cunneen in perth who was lovely. He has recommended 355cc, teardrop, um. He did say i could go 395cc but was hard to gage as trying on the implants for the 395 involved a 355 + a 50. I hear from people they wish they went bigger.
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