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    BA - 440CC left, 390CC right. Dual plane. Measured 12B before BA, measuring 12E now
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    Dr Ellis Choy 2nd December 2016
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    174cm - 68kg
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  1. Oh ok! I wonder what it could be? It might just be some kind of scar tissue. What does it feel like??
  2. Hey, really well! I am allowed to wear any bra, including wired and pushup if I want. But he did not recommend going braless for a big length of time! How did your appointment go?
  3. Hi @Mummato6, TCI told me the same thing. I went and saw Dr Ellis Choy, who straight away said I did not HAVE to have a lift, I could get away with a straight BA. I was borderline but he was great and knew what implants I needed to give them the lift they needed. I am 6 weeks PO now and very happy! I think that TCI are for straightforward cases, in and out rounds. So maybe try seeing a PS before committing to a lift!
  4. You think? That's interesting... I have boobie greed so yay to your theory!!
  5. @Excited33 Dual plane @Millicent They do look super comfy! And well priced too. I still have no idea how I am fitting into an E cup, even the 'E's I have seen on here look twice as big as mine! My theory is maybe mine are wider and hence need the width? Like more broad. I am 174cm tall so maybe thats it?!
  6. I went a bit crazy and bought 4! I can't see my size changing too much as there is not much dropping for them to do, I think. One of them is wireless, there is not much nice selection for wireless bras, unless I'm missing something! I will wear the wireless one when I go on Thursday, I think he wanted me to wear a bra.
  7. I just went and bought a few bras today as Ellis wanted me to before I saw him again (next Thurs), I bought all 12Es!! So so confusing, I know fake boobs measure bigger, but honestly I look no bigger than a C! I think I will stop wearing my compression bra from this week, and just wear my wire free one. I want to check if I can wear wired ones so will ask when I see him..
  8. Yes I know I keep expecting to start dripping milk! Feels like let down. I have internal stitches. I have just started sleeping on my side again, feels so strange! My back kills from always sleeping on my back! The last couple of days I have been wearing a bikini top for a few hours.. not sure if I am allowed but it feels ok! Sometimes I have boob greed.. sometimes I am happy with them :\ haha
  9. Hi @Haylo***! No I had a BA only. I was borderline. Almost 4 weeks post now! When is your surgery?
  10. @anna6 It was hard to disguise I had 'something' done due to me not moving around as easily, I told a few select people that I have to get a couple of cysts removed. It's my business and there are just some people I do not want knowing, it would be like announcing over a loud speaker!! @Millicent That's it exactly haha! Im just one of those lucky ladies who breastfed two kids and was left with great boobs!
  11. Haha you're looking great! Definitely big enough for you. I think we both will change a lot, who knows what the final result will be, all we can be assured of is that they are 1000% times better than what we started with. My boobs and belly got huge with both pregnancies.. no hiding it for me!
  12. They didn't approach me directly!! But my friend looked confused and said no. Honestly they were not obvious at all! Anyway I don't care really, there will always be people saying did she or didn't she...
  13. Just an update on my Chrissy party on the weekend, one lady asked a girlfriend of mine if I had a boob job!! ? And I had NO cleavage or any exposed boob. I really didn't think it was that obvious. I would really rather ppl not knowing though!
  14. Hi Nura, I am 175cm tall. I was after the natural look too but very aware that because of my height I shouldn't go too low with the CCs. After breastfeeding two babies my boobs were left saggy and asymmetrical. My Dr suggested 390CC in my right and 440CC in my left, dual plane teardrop. Both TCI and Cosmeditour put me in the too hard basket and said instantly I would need a lift, after that they would not return my calls or emails. I contacted my initial PS of choice, yes it would cost a few $$ more. I am so so glad the other two places rejected me, everything happens for a reason!! Anyway, my PS said I could get away with no lift. Still not identical but the asymmetry looks so much better! I am 1 week post op now. So far very happy with the size, glad I did not go bigger or smaller. I know they still have a lot of changing to do aswell!
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