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  1. Lozzajo

    Extra high profile implant girls

    Hi there, I've just upload some pic's. I've got 455cc uhp. I was also really concerned about the projection but I love it. Really happy I went with them. Feel free to FR me 😊.
  2. Lozzajo

    Perth breast augmentation

    I'm 9 days PO with Guy Watts. I only have fantastic things to say about him and his team. Im that happy with him that I have recommended him to my best friend. So far my results have exceeded my expectations. Good luck😊.
  3. Lozzajo

    Can I bikini wax night before BA?

    @vlinderI'm not sure if I did end up having a catheter. The nurse said I probably would as It was done under GA and in theatre for 1+ hours. However , it was not mentioned nor did I ask after my procedure. I was just pleased that I had trimmed just in case. The nurse did say she was not 100% sure tho and for me to ask but I didn't. Sorry if I caused confusion 🤔☺
  4. Lozzajo

    Can I bikini wax night before BA?

    I did wax thankfully! especially when she said I was having a catheter put it😁.
  5. Lozzajo

    December BA Group!

    @Missy35 I've got the strap on already because he lowered the fold. Mines not too tight tho at the moment but am scared of him tightening it and it becoming the torture strap! 😂. I'm just uncomfortable at the moment but keep feeling like the pain is going to kick in any minute. I took a big pillow in the car to go over the new additions which was really helpful.
  6. Lozzajo

    December BA Group!

    Just sat waiting to go home with my 455cc uhp dual new additions 😊
  7. Hi ladies, I'm having my ba tomorrow morning (450cc uhp dual) and was just about to wax my bits when I suddenly had a horrible feeling that I shouldn't. Does anyone know if it is advised against? I really don't want to have hairy bits😄