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  1. Yeah I'm sleeping on my back and usually wake on my side and it's a little tender after I do that. Is the pain in your boobs after sleeping? I don't know why mine don't hurt lol but I think maybe if you try sleep a little elevated so your boobs arnt completely flat. With anything that hurts it can help if you elevate the area to get the blood flow going. The first few nights I slept with a u shaped pillow then two more pillows on top so they made a 45 degree angle and that's how I slept but turns out I didn't really need to as I want in pain. Maybe if you try that? Or sleep with some ice packs on? And after you wake put some ice on to help soothe.
  2. Ok, I'll get one started I've taken lots of pictures and will also get copies of my old ba from 8 years ago on there so people now what I was like from a blank canvas @Lauren. I'm feeling amazing!! I don't have any pain, no morning boob, minimal swelling, no bleeding or bruising! I don't know how I got so lucky!!! My surgeon was a miracle worker!!!y capsule was quite severe too he said and he's keeping a Close eye on me. I've already had two post op appointments and have another one in 5 weeks. My first surgery I was so sick, in loads of pain and didn't go back to work for two weeks and stil it sucked. I'm back at work already and looking after two young kids. How are you going? This is a collage of my cc 2 years ago, then pre op pic then day 3 or 4 post op
  3. @Lauren. I want to start and insta ba account. How did you start yours? I'm day 7 today after my revision for cc, and increase implant size ?
  4. Post op day 6 ? Get dressings taken down off nipples tomorrow. So glad the sutures are dissolvable as I remember after my first BA getting the sutures out was so gross lol
  5. Post op day 3!! No pain, minimal swelling i think and not much bruising. I don't know what technique my surgeon used but i feel great!!! 420cc high profile textured dual plane ?
  6. Post op day one, can't wait for the reveal on Friday @Miss H yeah so excited to see them! I can't see anything with this strapping!!! Thank you ? sucks about the numbness, I got that after my intial augment 8 years ago, mainly from the inside of my cleave and underneath the breast. Sucked but I rather have boobs lol and never affected my breast feeding etc. only frustrating when I got an itch and coz of the numbness couldn't find the itch properly if that makes sense lol
  7. Thanks guys, post op day one today, still in hospital, but should be going home soon. Ended up with 420cc under muscle. Capsule was worse than he thought so but tender on that side. It otherwise no pain. I'm sure it's coming lol just really sleepy and strapped up so cAnt see my new girls. Will load pics as soon as it gets taken down. Have post op appt Friday so glad I'm on the other side now! Hope everyone else is recovering well I've lit my before photo so people can see my capsular contracture. I was hoping it took pics of it during the op but he didn't
  8. Eek it's getting real now, 12 hours to go!!!! ??
  9. Jut had my pre op appt today, surgery is in just under 7 days! Starting to get nervous ? My surgeon said that I'll be going quite big which is exciting but I'm not convinced 280-420 is going to be much different... guess I'll have to wait and see. I just said put the biggest you can in lol.. I probably shouldn't have said that ? Anyways I'm so excited and nervous! The countdown is on ?
  10. Just realised I said my surgery is on the 29th but there is no 29th this month ??? it is actually the 28th ?
  11. Just under the two week mark now! Getting excited and nervous. So my surgeon had ordered me 395 for the left and 425 for the right xhp (currently 260/280hp I think) I got all my post op bras the other day and am going to order youfoodz for the 3 weeks post op (hubby won't cook). Can't wait to have my contracture fixed and get my saggy mum boobs nice again
  12. @Kelburgess I hadn't my surgery in 2008 and noticed the contracture in 2014 after my first child and was booked in for replacement and a week before found out I was pregnant so had to postpone my surgery. Since then the contracture has worsened and so sore and had to wean my second daughter earlier than I wanted so I can fix it. She's 19 months now so it's still a good effort. My original surgeon has now retired which sucks so he referred me to another surgeon dr David theile who I am going with in Brisbane. I also had a consult with dr lee brown at kawana private but I felt more comfortable with Thiele so am going with him. I'm staying overnight too, due to the contracture I believe. I'm scared it's going to happen again but hopefully not. I can't even lie on my tummy it's that rock hard. My first BA I felt I went too small (was as big as surgeon would allow) so I'm hoping to go bigger and am worried that they will not be as big as I want again.. thinking of going to 500 if he will let me so will chat about that on the 21st. Yeah I will have to take lots of pain meds and try not to overdo it. It's so hard, I literally just had to rock my daughter to sleep just now for her nap so it's going to be fun lol my hubby is not much help with the kids as he works a lot and I don't have a lot of family to help
  13. Hi guys, I'm new to this group. I'm booked for my new boobies on the 29th, I have my pre op consult on the 21st. I'm a mum of two young girls (4 and 1.5years) and not looking forward to my recovery. I have capsular contracture in my right breast so getting both implants removed and replaced. I'm currently 260 left side and 280cc right side and my surgeon has suggested 380 left and 420cc right. Not sure on profile as he hasn't mentioned so I'm hoping to get more info out of him at pre op appt lol. It's been 8 years since my original augmentation so I'm so nervous about recovery and pain. All I remember is being so nauseas and not being able to sleep or dress myself so really scared about looking after my kids but so excited for my new boobs as after two kids they are deflated and saggy despite already having implants. I now weigh 69kgs and was 52kgs at original surgery.
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