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  1. Hey sweets, I'm sorry to hear your still unhappy but glad your going to change that! I completely agree with the other girls saying that 75cc really isn't all that much. If I were you I'd definitely be looking at bigger sizes, because I would HATE to go through it a 3rd time and still be unhappy. AND OMG THE RIGHT BRA MAKES SO MUCH DIFFERENCE! I had gotten so used to mine and their size, and then got my first bra last week, and second today & holy sh** they are so much bigger in bras! The first few days of wearing proper underwire bras I felt I'd gone up a whole size even though I obviously hadn't
  2. I'm totally comfy bra less but I find if I go allll day without wearing one, or just wear something light & lacy that isn't supportive I do still get a bit sore at the end of the day. I sleep bra less probably 1 night a week but mostly wear a crop, just to protect them from gravity & keep them safe. My fiance is so cute about it, he always reminds me to put my crop on before bed & I get in trouble for not wearing a bra enough if I have a few days off because he's so concerned about looking after them properly!
  3. I "officially" measure as a 10F, and people only stare at my boobs if I'm wearing something that makes them look massive. At the coffee shop today the barista had a good look haha. But honestly at work in my work clothes... no one even looks. I work with all boys & they don't even stare. If you go the bigger size you can attract attention to them when you want to! I changed from 400 to 500cc a week before my op & I am SO happy that I did.
  4. I had my period on surgery day & my surgeon made me wear the super sexy big baggy nappie undies haha. safe to say my pad was no where near where it was sposed to be & I was a bit of a mess when I woke up, BUT I was perfectly able to deal with it & clean myself up when I got changed about an hour after I woke up.
  5. Wooo just went shopping for bras properly for the first time. Didn't actually buy any BUT I got sized. Far out big boobie bras are expensive. Going to pop some on layby next week but ahhh I want them all now. First I went to Myer & got this older women who guessed me to be a D without measuring me & said there was no way I'd be bigger than a DD she was absolutely no help at all & put me in a shitty mood. Next I went to BnT & they were so so so lovely. Took me in measured me, & then took me into the shop & just got me to point out colours & prints I liked & bought me back about 10 to try in my size... 10F! Unfortunately most brands do a 12E & not 10F. They still fit good but I definitely thought the 10F felt better. Still atleast fitting a 12E gives me lots of options! There were so many pretty bras I honestly could have walked out with 5 or 6 if I had the money. I'll pop some pics up in my album.
  6. Hey lovelies! Sorry I'm not so active on the site anymore. Since getting my girls I have since gotten a new job, gotten right into the deep end of uni & am doing my first photoshoot as an alternative pin up model. This is something I have wanted to do for a very very long time, but never thought I'd make the cut. My boobs have given me so much more confidence, and allowed me to love the rest of my body. I no longer see the bad bits just the beauty I am beginning modelling for suicidegirls.com its basically a community of banging tattooed/alternative babes who shoot nude arty pin-up photo sets. If you are already a part of the site, or would like to join please PM me & I'll be more than happy to share my username I hope all of my boobie buddies are doing well and loving their new assets, and anyone yet to have the procedure... good luck!! I'll still be around, and post pics now & then just not so much. love love love!
  7. I haven't had any time to go proper shopping.. when I've ducked into the shops quickly I haven't been able to find ANYTHING in my size yet. But I obviously need to have a better look haha so at 8 weeks i'm still living in my crops hehe.
  8. I'm another Mark Lee girl and am absolutely over the moon with my experience and results
  9. I can sleep on my tummy like normal now. I kind of sleep half on my side half on my tummy. There's hope for you lovely you won't be saying goodbye to tummy sleeping forever only a little break xx
  10. I'm only 7.5 weeks post op and I already feel totally comfortable with mine... hubby cans squeeze as much as he wants hehe and I can do what I want My nipples are sore from the nerves growing back so if I lean on something in a non-padded bra it hurts... did it on a lock on a dog cage at work today BUT I guess that would probably hurt anyway haha
  11. I read it and don't really feel it provides enough scientific evidence. Take it with a grain of salt in my opinion.
  12. I'm still numb in both nipples but they hurt so I guess that's feeling coming back. And I can't feel much parallel from the sides of my nipple to my incision on both sides. The suture lines sound a bit odd maybe just give your surgeon a quick call? Xx
  13. I made one from a scratch using similar ingredients, I used to work at a coffee roasters so could get the coffee for free. Far out it's amazing the difference it makes I look forward to scrub day hehe xx
  14. Olive92


    Alllll my old bikinis just cover my nipples now so disappointing I went shopping and found anything with a cup to it really didn't fit my boobs properly even you know the triangle ones that have a padded lining? The best I've found so far is a seafolly bandeau shaped one. even covered my scars
  15. I was dyinnnnggg for a bath and I was told at 2 & a half weeks to go for it just not to soak for hours. DO IT! Makes you feel sooooo much better
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