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    BA Subfascial 345 HP textured rounds
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    Dr Kollias 21 Jan 2017
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    152cm / 43kg / pre-op deflated 10b/c

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  1. Have a search for Dr Kollias and Dr Cooter. They are both well respected adelaide surgeons.. I had mine done with Dr Kollias in January and absolutely love my results.
  2. @excited_much I've also experienced a stabbing/shooting pain. From what I've read it is nerves regenerating and shouldn't last too long. Although I've heard some people have it on and off for weeks!! Arghh.. I hope not!
  3. Hi ladies, I saw my surgeon for the two week follow up appointment yesterday. He said that everything is progressing nicely and they are both in the same position but my left might look a bit fuller because it was bigger to start off with. (I didn't realise that until seeing him yestersay) I just hope that it goes down. Even just a tiny bit because I'm feeling very uneven and I think it's quiet noticeable at the moment.
  4. I have not even bothered telling my parents because I know I would never hear the end of it. A couple of my close friends know and of course my partner but I don't really think that my parents need to know. They would just freak out and tell me I was wasting money.
  5. @NJoy They are looking AMAZING. So good to hear you are recovering so well. I love your modest implant size and the result you have achieved. Oh and so good you could sleep on your side from day 2! I slept on my side for a little while last night (day 11) for the first time and have managed to get back into some sort of normal routine now. You can probably see in my after pics that mine are fairly big for my petite frame (152cm / 43kg). They are going to take some getting used to! I do still have patches of numb spots and omg my NIPPLES are so sensitive.. Arghh.. Both breasts are quiet ha
  6. @Theloveofa My right is dropping faster than my left.. I wish they would go at the same pace, I feel slightly lop sided! ?
  7. I hope everything goes well tomorrow @DrMGirl2017 ?
  8. @Rachybabe Yes I had sever bloating! It went away about 4-5 days post op. Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids to flush your system. I also drank a glass of prune juice with each meal which helped everything flow properly. And yes so good to hear everyone who has had their surgery is recovering well. Loving seeing the progress pics!! So exciting xx
  9. Yes I've got to wear mine for 3 months during the day.. But for the first 6 weeks it has to be on day & night! It is not the nicest to sleep in but i don't really care as long as it gives the best result ? Did the boob lady come to your house? I want to buy another one off of her for when this one is in the wash. The overnight stay was the best. I would recommend anyone to go with it if they have the option. I was so sick from the anesthetic & strong pain meds there is no way I would have been able to leave anyway! Although I do tend to be quiet sensitive to medication. Definitely
  10. Good luck today @excited_much @leelou @Stacy013 & @Belindajp!!! So excited for you all. Recovery has been okay so far. Just a little stir crazy and emotional but I'm sure I will get through! Every time I look in the mirror I just think "WOW" ? They are big though, bigger than I thought they would be! Can't wait until I can wear a bikini! @cheetah The boob lady fitted me for an $85 compression bra, not the comfy looking support bras at $30 each that you would have been allowed!! It's very tight over my chest and not the most comfortable thing. I've got to wear it for 6 weeks day
  11. Hello everyone, thank you for your messages. Everything went really well. Dr Kollias is amazing and all of the nurses have been wonderful. I was very sick yesterday due to the anesthetic and fentinal / endone but have stopped all pain relief other than paracetamol since and am doing much better now. I will put some pics in my gallery soon. God I love them ?
  12. Thank you ladies! So glad to have found this forum. Excitement is taking over from anxiety.. Playing the waiting game now!! ???
  13. @cheetah Yes I do intend on wearing the one that the "boob lady" fits me for as it will be appropriate for the procedure. That's good that they are so cheap! This one is more for after 2 weeks +. Lipo do a different bra for straight after surgery which I didn't bother with because I knew I would be fitted in hospital ? @JadeyB Confratulations!! So good to hear that all went okay and your doing well!! ?
  14. The first time I called to order I was quoted $88 but then when I called back to confirm the order and pay lady said she would give me a discount so it ended up costing $67 including postage.. And it arrived the next day!!! Woo hoo Yes exciting and terrifying!! Haha
  15. I ordered this one online. It's a lipoelastic PI Unique compression bra.. A little more expensive than some of the others around but I really don't care for price I just wanted a good one and of course it had to be pink!! Haha ? Doctor Kollias said that I have to wear the one's I order from the hospital but I will show him this one and ask when it will be okay to wear it. Omg I'm next!!!! ???
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