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  1. Annie Les

    Is it bad to massage textured implants

    I have textured implants and my surgeon told me to massage twice daily for six months.
  2. Annie Les

    Before D&F and after D&F pics please

    Before, 1 day post op and 8 weeks post op. 250cc round textured silicone gel under muscle. 5"2, 110lb.
  3. Annie Les

    Before D&F and after D&F pics please

    Thank you for sharing all these pictures. It's very reassuring for those of us still in the early days post-op panicking about high, round, hard boobs and worrying they'll never drop and look natural
  4. Annie Les

    December BA Group!

    I'm now 2 weeks post op and recovery has gone well. I'm currently wearing a compression bra 24hrs a day for 2 months, which I don't mind because it makes my boobs feel secure. They're still high and round, but I have seen some slight softening, which is encouraging. I just wish they'd hurry up and drop properly.
  5. Annie Les

    December BA Group!

    Hi, I'm new here. Had my surgery 2 days ago on the 17th. 250cc round silicon under muscle. All ok but looking very swollen, hard and high. Did anyone else here not wear a compression bra after surgery? My doctor has given my a loose stretchy top to to wear until my next appointment in 5 days when he'll put me in a compression bra. This doesn't seem the norm though.