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  1. I'm officially booked in with Dr Richardson for my initial consult (31/01/17) and BA (13/02/17)! It's all so real now and the nerves are kicking in! What should I expect? What is the recovery like? How long should I take off work (I'm a receptionist)? I'm so excited!!
  2. That is much more realistic than everything else I've heard which has given me much relief! I'm booked in for my consult, that's the earliest appointment I could get. I can't wait to hear about how you go!
  3. Hey Ladies, I'm booked in with Dr R 31/01/17 and am both excited and terrified! Everyone says he is cheap compared to everyone else around but he's the most expensive I've found yet (this isn't discouraging me, I want it done correctly). With the $10,000-$10,500 everyone says theirs was, is that the full figure? Or is it extra for the anaesthetic/hospital fees/extra bits? x
  4. Hi Alana, Thank you so much for your message! I have a few questions.. Did he do your first BA? How did it rupture?! This is my biggest fear of getting them! How much was it to see that surgeon? I've been leaning towards Dr Phil Richardson but am researching anyone recommended intently xx
  5. Hi Ladies! I'm not sure how to use this website but I'm going to give it a crack! I'm Brisbane based and I want to get my boobs done (breast augmentation). I had my heart set on traveling down to Sydney for Dr M but he is too expensive.. If anyone could please recommend any Brisbane surgeons and share their photos/experience - it would be greatly appreciated! x
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