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    Bilateral breast augmentation
    365cc dual plane, round, textured saline implant.
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    Dr Dash 02/12/2016
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    158cm 54kgs 10A before surgery

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  1. No but my incisions have fully closed up and healed externally. It states on their website you can swim (submerge in water/have a dip not actually swim like laps ?) from 3weeks.
  2. No I had absolutely no idea with the bra and implants. I thought they looked way to big (and that was with 330..) they looked terrible. I don't think it is much of an indication especially if you are going under because they will look more natural and "flatter" the bra and implant "Try on" looked very unnatural. And I was like you. I watched heaps of YouTube videos of girls with 330 and 365 to get an idea how they looked and settled and also on Instagram.
  3. Hey y'all ?? So im 3weeks post op and can finally have a swim. But a friend who has also had a BA said It's to early to go without the bra... I'd love to spend Xmas eve with my kids at the beach so what should I do? Swim in my post op bra (would definitely prefer not to ?) or opt for supportive swimmers? Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas ?? ?
  4. Wow, you are tiny! I was a 10A-b before surgery. I am 3weeks post op today. I choose 365cc Hp under and at first I was worried they were a little too big but they have settled and suit my frame. And I absolutely love my new boobies. I am 5"3 and 54kg. i hope this helps you with your decision. I also had the same problem.. 330-365 was my choice and I went my biggest on surgery day. ? X I went with Dr Dash also at TCI
  5. Thank you @Suziet I'm worried I've been over doing it ? Hopefully it all settles soon. Thank you for your reply. ?
  6. Taken 5 days post op. Very happy ? Everyone looks amazing ??
  7. Hope all went well love. I don't see why you couldn't ?
  8. I'm 6 days post op and i have extreme tightness in my left breast but not my right? The right feels fine but the left is sooo sore and tight. I'm right handed and I've read you can be tightner on your more dominant side so I'm a tad confused. thanks in advance ✌️️
  9. 24 hours post op- 100% without hesitation I would do it all again at the drop of a hat! So happy
  10. I had my BA yesterday with Dr Dash and cannot rate it all enough. The whole process has been a breeze and i would do all again tomorrow, no hesitation! Pain has been so minimal I'm pleasantly suprised. 24 hours post op now and I even got up put some makeup on and went for breakfast this morning. Could not be happier with the process and my new boobies ?
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